Michaelmas 2014 Starts Ends
Staff Induction Tuesday 26 August Wednesday 27 August
INSET 1 and Y12 & Y9 Induction Thursday 28 August
INSET 2 and Y12 Induction Friday 29 August
Term Begins Monday 1 September
Half-Term Monday 20 October Friday 31 October
Term Ends Friday 12 December
Reception children collected at 12.30 all week
First day for Nursery children
Violin lessons start
HPPJSPA welcome drinks (MC)
Reception classes collected early
Cello lessons start
Reception classes collected early
Nursery classes start full sessions
Principal's drop-in coffee session
Instrumental music lessons begin
Year 3 term begins
After school clubs start
HJSPPA welcome drinks (MC)
Individual and sibling photographs
Y4 Parents' curriculum evening
Parent tour (Library)
Information evening for parents
Jeans for Genes day
Y2 Sharing Assembly
Individual pupil photographs
Harvest Festival Assembly
Both nursery classes attend morning session
Y1 Sharing Assembly
Principal's drop-in coffee session
HPPJSA Bake sale
Principal's drop-in coffee session
Y3,Y4,Y5,Y6 Instrumental Fair (JS music classroom)
HJSPPA meeting (MC)
Parent tour (Library)
7+ Open morning (Y4, Y5, Y6 pupils required)
Y3 Parents' curriculum evening (DH)
No After School clubs
Parent tour (Library)
Y5R, Y5W informal concert (RMC)
Y3, Y4 Parents' consultation evening (JS)
Y5D, Y5N informal concert (RMC)
Instrumental music lessons begin
Individual school portrait photographs
Y7 Parents' coffee morning (Undercroft)
Y12 Parents' information evening (Dining Hall)
Music Award holders' welcome evening (DHA)
Y7 Parents' coffee morning (Undercroft)
House photographs (MG, TL, QG, FG, GH, NG)
Y10-Y13 Sailing: Rockely Water Sports centre
Pre-season orchestral rehearsals (DHA, RRR) (end 17.00)
Y7 Parents' information evening (Dining Hall)
Lent 2015 Starts Ends
Term Begins Monday 5 January
Half-Term Monday 16 February Friday 20 February
Term Ends Thursday 26 March
Summer 2015 Starts Ends
Staff INSET Monday 13 April
Term Begins Tuesday 14 April
Half-Term Monday 25 May Friday 29 May
Term Ends Friday 3 July
Michaelmas 2015 Starts Ends
Staff Induction Tuesday 25 August Wednesday 26 August
Staff INSET Thursday 27 August Friday 28 August
Term Begins Tuesday 1 September
Half-Term Monday 19 October Friday 30 October
Term Ends Friday 11 December