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Three of Highgate Junior School’s chamber groups played as part of the North London Music Festival on Saturday 6th May.

The first class of the day was the Under 12s chamber group, which was open to any combination of instruments. The Quartz Ensemble, coached by Ms Andrusier, played with flair and vigour leading them to achieve an amazing first place and an invitation to perform at the Prizewinners’ concert later in June. Pianist Katie Jones was praised for the balance of her piano playing which complemented the energetic performances from violinists Isabella Giagounidis and Aki Blendis. The Bishopswood String Quartet, coached by Ms Sharples, and the Lauderdale String Quartet, coached by Mr Robinson, both entered the Under 12 String Quartet category, with both groups of Year 5s being up against much older children. The Bishopswood String Quartet was praised for its fine ensemble playing with violinists Aarthi Raja and Leonardo Markides praised for their communication skills, whilst Vsevelod Ischenko and Samuel Auburn were commended for their steady beat. The Lauderdale String Quartet which played the funky ‘Heavy Strings’ went on to win second place, delighting its members: Camille Torossian-Hall, Jemima Hyam, Isabella Wong and Oscar Marshall.

The day was a huge success for Highgate Junior School with pupils getting the chance to see other talented players as well as a chance for them to get such positive feedback on their playing. All the pupils involved worked really hard and did a fantastic job!  EP


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