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Highgate’s 170 Year 11 pupils sat 1,158 GCSE exams, including reformed, tougher qualifications in English language, English literature and mathematics, and scored 64.4% A* or their new, numeric equivalent (a grade 8 or a 9), and 87.9% A*/A grades. 36 pupils were rewarded with ten or more A* each and we congratulate them warmly:

Serene Anderson, Aaron Barrie, Alfie Biro Sidford, Gracie Bolt, Lara Bolton-Patel, Alessia Cacioni Romero (12), Isabella Calder, Sophie Comninos, Sonia Connor, Millie Davies, Harry Fyjis-Walker, Zachary Golant, Daisy Goldman, Einav Grushka (11), Austin Harris, Maximilian Hess (12), Charles Hill, Jessica Hoar, Rachel Howard, Harriet Howarth, Ella Lane, Daisy Lewisohn, Hugo Lloyd-Williams, Ayley Loh, Thomas McEneaney, Fedor Merkulov, Ethan Miller, Jesse Parnes, Zoe Pomphrett (11), Annie Ramsay Davis, Tiago Richardson, Adele Schiff, Stevie Smith, Anastazie Smlsalova, Alice Stauss, Kyle Steele, Oskar Szydlo, Beatrice Twentyman, Aoife Walter.

For a breakdown of results by subject, please click here.

The Head, Adam Pettitt, commented: ‘Bravo Highgate! This was going to be a more challenging year to secure an A* given the introduction of more material, higher conceptual ceilings and tougher exams in three of the so-called core subjects, but it certainly seems that these reforms have inspired able pupils to cut their teeth on bigger ideas and less guided questions. Who wouldn’t be nervous faced with changes, and there’s more to come, but it’s a delight and a relief to see Highgate’s young people succeeding on these academic measures while enjoying and committing to so much else beside.’


For the Head’s blog on results day, see here.

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