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As we recently celebrated the 450th Anniversary of the School, it seemed a fitting moment to revisit our 400th Anniversary, which took place in 1965. We invited OCs who were Highgate pupils in 1965 to submit their memories of the 400th Anniversary.

We provided pictorial reminders of some of the highlights of 1965, and received many interesting reminiscences and new archive materials, including:

Guy Redmond, WG 1965, remembers '1066 and All That'. This photograph is from the first scene of the Junior School’s production of '1066 and all that'. The scene is meant to be in Madam Tussaud’s where the common man (Nigel Passingham) brings his wife (Peter Tatham, out of shot) and son (me); Jonathan Smith on the left plays a guard at the museum.


memories 1066 and all that web


Roy Isworth, SH 1965, recalls his memories of ‘1066 and All That’: I am Queen Matilda in 1066 & All That. I am probably wearing the worst wig in the history of the world while William The Conqueror (Julian Pinfield ) shouts at a not very intimidated prisoner ( Mark Lindsay ). I was in Form 1B Junior School (Field House ) at the time. My main recollections of the events were being allowed to attend things at the Senior School (a very big treat!) and the St Paul’s service, which was comfortably the biggest gathering I had attended up to that time. 

Handwritten note concerning '1066 and All That' from when he was 12 years old.


memories handwritten note web



Alasdair Hamilton, SG 1958, remembers 'The Beggar’s Opera': I have undergone a remarkable transformation for my role as Mrs Peachum in 'The Beggar’s Opera'. Fabulous costume - underneath the frock were no fewer than seventeen petticoats. Eat your heart out, Vivienne Westwood! This appears to be the point in the proceedings where my love-starved character is attempting to seduce one of her husband's gang of thieves and vagabonds.


memories beggars opera web



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