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static about ethosandaims

Sir Roger Cholmeley’s School at Highgate – to give us our full name – was founded by Sir Roger Cholmeley in 1565 and is governed as a single charitable foundation. The School’s motto – Altiora in Votis – was probably coined as a play on our name and location (altiora – higher). The statement of ethos and aims, drafted and adopted by Governors in September 2009, is designed to define and record both our charitable objectives (the ethos, or character and spirit of Highgate) and our aims as a school.


These actions define and determine our ethos:

• Advancing the education and intellectual and moral development of our pupils, whatever their capabilities, attributes and interests
• Securing the welfare and safety of our pupils as individuals and as members of a community
• Conducting the School in a manner consistent with Christian values and reflecting and celebrating the diversity of modern London
• Sharing the best of what we do by funding and awarding bursaries, by supporting learning in partner schools and charities and enabling them to use our facilities as appropriate
• Fostering open-mindedness and thoughtfulness in our pupils and our School


Our aim is to be an academic school and a place for learning and scholarship, where

• we are ambitious about what pupils should know and we provide a cultural framework for their studies and their living
• we work to ensure pupils are knowledgeable and are active, independent learners
• teaching is rigorous, critical, engaging and learned
• pupils leaving school will be intellectually and emotionally prepared for higher education and the world of work

Our aim is to be a reflective community where pupils

• learn the instincts of courtesy and good manners
• develop a moral code and practise living it out in readiness for their adult lives
• care for others and learn to see service to others as a way of life

Our aim is to be an exemplar for the healthy life where pupils

• are supported in developing strength and resourcefulness to meet the challenges of day-to-day life
• develop healthy, transferable interests and pursuits in a co-educational setting
• learn and practise the skills of friendship through participation in a wide range of activities
• grasp the value of the community, and its price

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