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Mr AS PETTITT, MA (New College, Oxford)

Principal Deputy Head
Mr TJ LINDSAY, MA (University of St Andrews); MA (University of London)

Principal of the Junior School
Mr SM JAMES, BA (University of Nottingham); MA (King’s College, London)

Principal of the Pre-Preparatory School
Mrs D HECHT, PDCE (Jordanhill College of Education)

Deputy Head (Pupils’ Personal Development and Employability)
Ms LM SHELLEY, BA, University of Sheffield (English)

Deputy Head (Academic)
Mr JPR NEWTON, BA, MSc, University of York; London School of Economics (History)

Mr JC PHEASANT, BSc, LLDip, Barrister




Head of Sixth Form (Pastoral)
Mr SN BRUNSKILL, BA, University of Manchester (Modern Languages)

Commercial and Operations Director

Assistant Head (Teaching and Learning)
Dr BS WESTON, BSc, PhD, FRSB, CBiol, King’s College, London (Biology)

Development Director
Ms SJ VIRJI, MA, St John’s College, Cambridge

Head of Lower School
Mr S PULLAN, LLB, MA, King’s College, London; London School of Economics (History and Politics)

Head of Middle School
Mrs H EVANS, BA, Trinity College, Cambridge (Mathematics) (on leave of absence)

Community Partnerships Director
Ms SE BUTTERWORTH, BA, King’s College, London (US Admissions Director)

Head of Sixth Form (Academic)
Mr GA WALLER, MA, Christ’s College, Cambridge (Classics)

Campaign Director
Ms E CLARKE, BA, St Peter’s College, Oxford

Director of Studies
Mr DJ NOYCE, MMath, MSc, Trinity College, Oxford (Mathematics)

Assistant Head (Communications)
Ms C M GOLDSWORTHY, BA, University of Dundee (Art)

Assistant Head (Projects and Logistics)
Dr JCY WELCH, BSc, MSc, PhD, University of Essex; University of Strathclyde; Selwyn College, Cambridge (Biology)

Acting Head of Middle School
Mr JTM BARR, MEng, St Catherine’s College, Oxford (Physics)



Dr PT AHERNE, BA, MA, PhD, Merton College, Oxford; King’s College London (English)
Mr CM AJMONE-MARSAN, BMus, BA, Guildhall School of Music and Drama; Blackfriars Hall, Oxford (Religion and Philosophy) (part-time)
Mr MS AL-AKARI, BA, University College, Dublin (Mathematics)
Mr PDH ARMSTRONG, BSc, MNatSc, University of Leeds (Physics)
(Mrs NY ARNOLD, BA, University of Birmingham (Modern Languages) (part-time) (on leave of absence))
Ms N AROSEMENA MANSO, BA, MA, University of Valladolid; Birkbeck College, University of London (Head of Spanish)
Mr WJ ATKINS, MA, CBiol, MIBiol, New College, Oxford (Biology) (part-time)
Mrs SM BAMBROUGH, BA, MEd, Advanced Diploma in Special Needs Education, University of Newcastle; Open University (Director of Learning Support and Special Educational Needs Coordinator) (part-time)
Dr M A BARASCU, BA, MA, PhD, University of Bucharest, Romania (Mathematics)
Mr TA BARFIELD, BA, MSt, University of Durham; University College, Oxford (English)
Mr EWV BARKHAM, MPhys, University of Durham (Physics)
Mr VJ BARRELLA, LRAM, Royal Academy of Music (Head of Keyboard) (part-time)
Ms SA BATES, BA, University College, London (Modern Languages)
Mr BM BELOE, BSc, University of Nottingham (Head of Geography)
Mr H BENNETT (Musician-in-residence) (part-time)
Ms AM BEYER, BA, MA, University College, Utrecht, Netherlands; Goldsmiths’ College, University of London (Drama)
Mr SD BIANCO, BA, MA, University of Bristol, King’s College London (Classics)
Miss AM BLACKMORE, BSc, University of Bristol (Biology)
Mr WJC BLACKSHAW, MA, Clare College, Cambridge (Director of Outdoor Education; Geography)
Mr CMR BODEN, MTheol, University of St Andrews (Religion and Philosophy) (part-time)
Mr SJH BOVEY, MA, Pembroke College, Cambridge (Senior Teacher (CPD and INSET); Religion and Philosophy)
Ms JL BOWDEN, BSc, University of Bath (Chemistry)
Mr NA BOWLING, BA, MSt, Queen’s College, Oxford; Wolfson College, Oxford (Classics) (part-time)
Mr DG BRANDT, BA, FRGS, University of Exeter (Senior Teacher; Geography)
Dr KRC BROWN, MMath, PhD, University of Leicester; University of East Anglia (Deputy Director of Studies; Mathematics)
Miss PFD BROWNLEE, BSc, MSt, King’s College, London; Robinson College, Cambridge (Head of Mathematics)
Mrs AJ BRUNNER, BA, MA, University of Southampton; Birkbeck College, University of London (Head of House - Heathgate; Classics)
Dr JA BRYDON, BA, MSt, DPhil, Wadham College and Magdalen College, Oxford (Assistant Head of Modern Languages)
Ms AC BURROWS, BA, New College, Oxford (Head of Economics; Assistant Head of Sixth Form)
Mr MO CADDICK, MMath, University of Warwick (Mathematics)
Ms EMM CAMERON, MChem, Worcester College, Oxford (Chemistry)
Mr AT CANNIERE, BM, MM, Mansfield University, Eastman School of Music, USA (Head of Jazz) (part-time)
Dr CF CARTER, MSci, PhD, University of Nottingham; Emmanuel College, Cambridge (Director of Higher Education; Chemistry)
Ms HCS CASSON, MA, FIA, FRSS, Pembroke College, Oxford (Mathematics)
Mr GJH CATHERWOOD, BA, St John’s College, Oxford (Senior Teacher; English)
Mr RB CHAMBERS, MA, University of Edinburgh (Writer-in-Residence) (part-time)
Ms EN CHAPMAN, BA, University of Durham (Sport and Exercise)
Mrs LR CHENG, BA, Exeter College, Oxford (Mathematics, part-time)
Dr ACH CHEUNG, BA, MA, MSci, PhD, Trinity College, Cambridge (Assistant Head of Science)
Ms OG CHRISTIAN, BA, University of Durham (Modern Languages)
Mr GDC CREAGH, BA, University of Birmingham (Head of German)
Ms CL CUNNINGHAM, MPhys, University of Warwick (Assistant Head, Sixth Form; Physics)
Dr BJ DABBY, MA, MPhil, PhD, FRHistS, Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge (Head of History; Teacher i/c Scholars)
Mr A R DABROWSKI, MSci, University of Bristol (Head of Science; Chemistry)
Mr AG DALES, MA, Trinity Hall, Cambridge (Director of Co-Curricular Activities; Mathematics)
Dr IR DAVIES, MChem, PhD, University of Bath (Head of Chemistry; 11+ Admissions Officer)
Mr RN DAVIS, BA, MA, University of Manchester; University of Kent (Religion and Philosophy)
Dr TJ DESSAIN, MMath, PhD, University of Durham (Mathematics)
Mr GS DHILLON, BSc, Coventry University (Learning Support)
Ms FG DICKINSON, BA, University of Bedfordshire (Head of Senior School Exercise)
Mr AC DYSON (Physics), MA, Exeter College, Oxford (Physics) ◊
Mr P DOYLE, BSc, University of Manchester (Senior Teacher; 13+ Prep School Liaison; Physics)
Mrs L DUTTINE, BA, MA, University of Lancaster; University College, London (Learning Support, English) (part-time)
Dr S ERMAKOVA, BA, MA, PhD, University of Yaroslavl, Russia (Mathematician-in-Residence)
Mr S EVANS, BA, University of Manchester (Head of Alumni Relations and Senior Teacher; Sport and Exercise)
Mr SS EVANS (Head of Vocal Studies) (part-time)
Ms JE FEHR, BA, University of London (Director of Drama and Theatre Studies)
Ms JK FLEMINGER, BA, MA, Camberwell College of Art, Central-St Martin’s College of Art and Design (Art) (part-time)
Mr JW FLOWERS, BA, Brasenose College, Oxford (Modern Languages)
Mr E GAULT, MA, MLitt, University of Glasgow (English) ◊
Mr JS GALDAL-GIBBS, BA, BA, Robinson College, Cambridge; Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford (Head of House – Fargate, Mathematics)
Mrs CE GLEDHILL, MChem, New College, Oxford (Head of House – The Lodge; Second in Department, Chemistry
Mr TRD GODDIN, BA, University of Exeter (Head of House - Eastgate; Economics)
Mr GW GRASSO, MSci, University College, London (Mathematics)◊
Mr CR GRIFFIN, BA, University of Exeter (English)
(Ms GV GULLIFORD, BA, Queen’s College, Oxford (Second in Department, Biology) (on leave of absence))
Mrs KA HALE, BA, University of Sunderland (Drama) (part-time)
Mr GW HANSON, BMus, LRAM, FRSM Royal Academy of Music (Head of House - Southgate; Assistant Director of Music)
Miss CD HARRISON, MA, Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge (Head of Academic Music and Head of Choral Music)
Mr PJ HARRISON, MA, University of Edinburgh (Head of House – Grindal House; Geography)
Mrs CC HAYES, L-ès-L, Caen University (Head of French)
Mr MTP HEMINGWAY, MA, Selwyn College, Cambridge (History)
Mr CLM HENDERSON, BEd, West Sussex Institute of Higher Education (Director of Sport and Exercise (Partnership and Compliance))
Mr SMA HENDERSON, BSc, University College, London (Design Technology Engineering)
Mr C HEZELGRAVE, BSc, University of Leeds (Mathematics)
Mr SF HINDLE, MEng, St Anne’s College, Oxford (Physics and Design Technology Engineering)
Mr EJ HISLOP, BSc, University of Durham (Biology)
Mr J HUMPHREY, UEFA (Head of Football)
Mrs RJ HYAM, BA, Exeter College, Oxford (Head of English)
Mr TJ HYAM, BA, University of Manchester (Drama)
Miss HJP ISAKSEN, MA, St Hilda’s College, Oxford (Head of House - Northgate; Classics)
Mr TRE JACK, BA, Homerton College, Cambridge (Music)
Mr DW JAMES (Head of Strings) (part-time)
Dr JEW JAMMERS, MA, PhD, Free University of Berlin; Humboldt University, Berlin (Head of History of Art) (part-time)
Ms RE JOSS, BA, MA, University of Durham (Head of House – Midgate; Geography)
Ms S KEAY, BA, MA, Anglian Ruskin University; Royal College of Art (Art) (part-time)
Mr SP KEEBLE, BA, University of Bristol (Modern Languages)
Mr JD KENMIR, BSc, University of Northumbria (Sport and Exercise)
Mrs DJ KENNEDY, BSc, University of Bath (Mathematics) (part-time)
Mr SJ KING, BMus, Guildhall School of Music and Drama (Head of Woodwind and Percussion) (part-time)
Miss GSY KWONG, BA, MPhil, Girton College, Cambridge; Green Templeton College, Oxford (Geography) ◊
(Ms CE LARY, BA, MLitt, Trinity College, Dublin (Modern Languages) (part-time) (on leave of absence))
Dr R LEIGH, MA, MPhil, PhD, University of Edinburgh; Selwyn College, Cambridge (Head of Religion and Philosophy)
Ms KR LE SERVE, BA, University of Durham (Head of Senior School Sport)
Mrs NS LEVIN, MA, MBA, New Hall, Cambridge; Open University (Mathematics) (part-time)
Miss WY LI, MSci, University College, London (Chemistry) ◊
Mr RJ LOCKHART, BA, Homerton College, Cambridge (Head of Biology)
Mr DS MACKINTOSH, BA, MPhil, Balliol College, Oxford; St John’s College, Cambridge (History and Politics)
Dr CS MACLEAN, BA, MSt, MA, PhD, St Anne’s College, Oxford; Birkbeck College, University of London (English) (part-time)
Mr R MAHAJAN, BSc, MSc, MBA, London School of Economics; City University Cass Business School; University of Cambridge (Economics)
Ms ACC MARTIN, MA, St Hilda’s College, Oxford (Deputy Head of Middle School; History)
Mr AC McBRIDE, BA, Clare College, Cambridge (Biology)
Ms CAL McCUTCHEON, BA, Pembroke College, Oxford (Biology)
Ms LG McLARDY, BA, MA, Goldsmiths College, University of London; Berlin University of the Arts (Art) (part-time)
Mr PP McCLORY, BA, MA, Trinity College, Oxford; King’s College, London (Senior Tutor, Middle School; History)
Mr AJ MILES, BA, Hertford College, Oxford (English) ◊
Mrs JF MORELLE, BA, School of Slavonic and East European Studies, London (Modern Languages) (part-time)
Mr ME MORGAN, MA, MSt, Queen’s College and St Anne’s College, Oxford (Second in English Department)
Mr JS MORROW, BA, Jesus College, Oxford (Classics)
Miss N MUHARA, BSc, MSc, King’s College, London; University of Bristol (Chemistry)
Mrs AM MURPHY, BA, Leeds Metropolitan University (Art) (part-time)
Mrs MC MURPHY, MA, St Edmund Hall, Oxford (Mathematics) (part-time)
Mr JP MURPHY, GRNCM, Royal Northern College of Music (Director of Music)
Ms SL MYNOTT, BA, MSc, Trinity College, Cambridge; University College, London (Geography)
Miss MV NECKAR, MA, MA, University of Edinburgh; Magdalen College, Oxford (Senior Tutor, Lower School; Classics)
Mrs JL NEWTON, BSc, MSc, University College, London; University of Durham (Mathematics) (part-time)
Mrs RJ NEWTON, MA, University of St Andrews (Head of Staff Induction; Head of Russian)
Mrs HA NICHOLLS, MA, Somerville College, Oxford (Mathematics and Physics) (part-time)
Mr JH NICHOLS, BA, Chelsea College of Art and Design (Art)
Mrs MJ NIMMO, BA, MA, University of Gloucestershire; Chelsea College of Art, University of the Arts London (Art) ◊
Mr MA NOBLE, BMus, LRSM, ARCO, Royal College of Music (Music) (part-time)
Miss KP NORRIS, BA, MA, Leeds Business School; Institute of Education (Head of House – School House; Economics)
Mr M NOTO, UEFA, (Senior School Sport Coordinator; Sport and Exercise)
Mr MA O’CONNOR, BA, University of Winchester (Teacher-in-charge of Computing and Co-ordinator of Curricular ICT)
(Ms OR ORLANS, MA, Lincoln College, Oxford (Second in English Department) (on leave of absence))
Mr JB PEARSON, MA, Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford (Acting Head of House - Kingsgate; History)
Mrs CB PETTITT, L-ès-L, Maîtrise, University of the Sorbonne (Modern Languages) (part-time)
(Mr AJ PLAISTOWE, MA, University of St Andrews (English) (on leave of absence))
Mr RJ POWELL, BA, Trinity College, Oxford (Head of Year 7; English)
Miss SA PRIDE, BSc, University of Wales Institute, Cardiff Director of Sport and Exercise (Projects and Infrastructure))
Ms GC REECE-TRAPP, BA, FRCO, Christ Church, Oxford (Music)
Dr J REILLY, BA, MRes, PhD, University College, London (Politics)
Dr S REPETTO, BA, MA, PhD, University of Pavia, Italy; Radboud University Nijmegen, Netherlands (Physics) ◊
Dr FX RIERA-PALOU, MSc, PhD, University of Barcelona (Chemistry)
Ms E RIVLIN, BA, MPhil, Emmanuel College, Cambridge (Music) (part-time)
Mrs EH ROBERTS, MA, MA, University of St Andrews; University College London (Head of Year 8; History)
Ms AS ROBINSON, BA, St Peter’s College, Oxford (English)
Mrs CM RODGERS, BEd, MA, University of Brighton; University of Sussex (Sport and Exercise)*
Ms EM ROESSLER WILLS, BA, Queen’s College, Oxford (Modern Languages) (part-time)
Mrs JL SACKS, BA, MA, Edinburgh College of Art; Institute of Education, University of London (Art)
Mr FJ SANTANIELLO, L-ès-L, MSt, University of Provence; Keble, College, Oxford (Modern Languages)
Ms AKM SAUNDERS, MA, MSt, Brasenose College, Oxford (English)
Mrs KB SHAPIRO, BA, MA, University of Manchester; College of Europe, Bruges (Head of Politics) (part-time)
Mr HE SHEPHERD, MA, Peterhouse, Cambridge (Head of Classics)
Ms CI SIDES, BA, Trinity College, Oxford (English and Modern Languages)
Mr J SLATER, BA, University of Hertfordshire (Head of e-Learning and Digital Health)
Mr MJ SMITH, MMath, Pembroke College, Oxford (Mathematics)
Ms VL SMITH, BA, MA, University of Bristol (Head of House - Queensgate; Classics)
Dr D R SOLOMON, MA, PhD, MSc, Trinity College, Cambridge; Brown University, Rhode Island, USA; University of Reading
Miss LS STOTT, BA, MPhil, MMus, MPerf, Worcester College, Oxford; Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge; Guildhall School of Music and Drama (Head of Brass) (part-time)
Mrs I STOYANOVA, BA, MA, University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria (Assistant Learning Support Teacher)
Mr MP STREULI, MA, MBA, Queens’ College, Cambridge (Mathematics)
Dr VEC STUBBS, BSc, MSc, PhD, Reading University (PSHE Coordinator; Biology) (part-time)
Mr ABH SURSOK, BA, Durban Institute of Technology (Design Technology Engineering)
Dr AZ SZYDLO, MSc, PhD, DIC, ACGI, FRSC, CChem, Imperial College; University College, London (Partnership Teacher, Chemistry) (part-time)
Mr WYH TANG, MEng, MA, University of Warwick (Design Technology Engineering)
Mr AG TAPP, BEd, University of Exeter (Head of House – Westgate; Sport and Exercise)
Mr AF THOMSON, BSc, Liverpool John Moores University (Director of Design Technology Engineering; Officer Commanding CCF)
Mr B D TOBIAS, BSc, Birkbeck College, University of London (Economics)
Mr CJ TOOZE, MChem, Worcester College, Oxford (Chemistry)
Dr V VACCARO, BA, PhD, Keble College, Oxford; University College, London (Biology) (part-time)
Miss PC VOUTE, BA, MA, University of Durham; King’s College, London (Religion and Philosophy) (part-time) (on leave of absence)
Mrs QW WALLIS, BA, University of Hubei, China, (Head of Mandarin)
Miss Y WANG, BA, MA, University of Heilongjiang, China; University of Westminster (Modern Languages)
Mr JAJ WATTS, BA, Brasenose College, Oxford (Head of Modern Languages)
Mr P WEBB, BA, Open University (Sport and Exercise)*
Mr AM Whitby, MPhys, Trinity College, Oxford (Physics)
Dr W WHYATT, MPhys, PhD, University of Leeds; University College, London (Head of Physics)
(Miss SK WIJESURIYA, BA, MA, Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford; Chelsea College of Art (History of Art and English) (on leave of absence))
Dr TR WILLIAMS, BA, MPhil, PhD, Emmanuel College, Cambridge; Clare College, Cambridge; Queen Mary, University of London (English)
Miss EA WORTHEN, BA, The Queen’s College, Oxford (EPQ Coordinator; History)
Mr J WRIGHT, MMath, Worcester College, Oxford (Head of Mathematics)
Mrs LA WRIGHT, MMath, Worcester College, Oxford (Mathematics) (on leave of absence)
Dr ECS ZUR-SZPIRO, BA, MA, PhD, University of Nottingham; University College London (Religion and Philosophy)

◊seconded to London Academy of Excellence Tottenham
*based in Junior School

Ms M CUNNING, BA, MA, MSc, PGDip (Librarian)
Miss L NILAND, BA, MA (Deputy Librarian)
Miss HGR BACON, BA, MA (Assistant Librarian)




Mr Mark JAMES, BA, MA, University of Nottingham, King’s College London

Deputy Principal
Mr MJ FOLEY, BSc, MSc, University of Brighton, Open University

Director of Studies
Ms AC LLOYD, MA, Keble College, Oxford

Assistant Principal (Pupil Development)
Ms P STUDD, BA, University of Liverpool

Assistant Principal (Partnership and Communications)
Mr M ANDERSON, BEd, Christchurch College of Education, Canterbury University, NZ



Year 6 Form Teachers (Head of Year in bold)

Mr JA ENTWISLE, BSc, Warwick University (Head of Y6, Maths, DTE and JUNO Coordinator, 6E Form Teacher)
Mrs JA JAMES, BEd, Reading University (Professional Development Tutor and 6J Form Teacher)
Mr W LAMPORT, BA, University of Bristol (6L Form Teacher)
Mrs H FENTON, BA, University of Leeds (Admissions Officer, Head of Oak House and 5F Form Teacher)
Miss K FOWLER, LLB, Queen Mary College (English Coordinator and 5K Form Teacher)
Miss D JANI, BA, University of Nottingham (MFL Coordinator, Head of Birch House and 5J Form Teacher)
Miss V NEMETH, MA, Comenius University, Bratislava (Head of Y5, PSHEE Coordinator, 5N Form Teacher)
Mr AJ WARNE, BSc, University of Southampton (5W Form Teacher)
Mr H DORLING, BA, University of Lancaster (Religious Studies Coordinator and 4D Form Teacher)
Mrs CE GRIFFITHS, BA, University of Wales, Swansea (Head of Y4, and 4G Form Teacher)
Mrs N STUNGO, BA, St Hugh’s College, Oxford (Humanities Coordinator and 4S Form Teacher)
Mrs L DONALDSON, BA (4L Form Teacher)
Miss F DUNBAR, BA, University of Nottingham (Head of Year 3, Head of Lime House, 3D Form Teacher)
Miss G HAMPSON, MA, Durham University (3H Form Teacher)
Mr R SANDS, BA, University of Reading (Maths Coordinator and 3R Form Teacher)
Miss N SAWDAYE, BA, University of Nottingham (3S Form Teacher)
Miss S WILLIAMSON, Bed, Auckland University (Head of Digital Learning and 3W Form Teacher)
Mrs R ANAND, MSc, Imperial College London (Head of Learning Support)
Mrs A DUGGIN, BSc, University of Cardiff (Music)
Mrs LH FOSTER, BSc, Leicester University (Science Coordinator)
Ms S GOODLAD, BA, University of Strathclyde (Learning Support and Languages)
Mrs J HENDERSON, BA, West Surrey College of Art & Design (DTE)
Miss H HUGHES, BSc, University of Bath (Head of Junior Drama)
Mrs A LIVINGSTON, BA, King’s College, Cambridge (Maternity Leave)
Mrs C RODGERS, BEd, MA, Sussex University (Head of Junior SpEx)
Ms H ROTCHELL, BA, University of Southampton (Music)
Mr EJ RYAN, BA, Southampton Solent University (Art Coordinator)
Mr J SPERLING (Music, p/t)
Miss H STEPHENSON, BSc, University College London (DTE)
Mr AF THOMSON, BSc, Liverpool John Moores University (Director of DTE Highgate School)
Mr P WEBB, BA, Open University (Head of Junior Sport and Head of Hazel House)



Mrs M ILAND, BA, Exeter University (PA to Mark James, 7+ Admissions)
Mrs T DANE, (Administrative Assistant)
Ms T DUAH, (Receptionist)
Ms M DUNCAN, (JS Supervisor)
Mrs M LIGHT, MSc, Birkbeck University (Junior School Counsellor)
Miss C LLOYD, BA, University of the Arts London (DTE Technician)
Ms L OSORNO, BA, Middlesex University (Teaching Assistant)
Mr J WILLIS, BA, University College London (Teaching Assistant)
Mrs R HOUSTON, MSc, City, University of London (Teaching Assistant)
Mrs S STARKEY, (Welfare Assistant and Logistics Coordinator)
Miss J MARSHALL, BA, MA Southampton University, Middlesex (Teaching Assistant)
Ms N WHITE, BA, Trinity Hall, Cambridge (Teaching Assistant)
Mrs M FARACE, BA, Lancaster University (Teaching Assistant)
Mr T McINNERNEY, MSc, Exeter University (Science Technician)
Miss O PAYNE, MA, Queens’ College, Cambridge (Librarian)
Mr R LAIDLOW (Music Administrator, p/t)



MRS DIANE HECHT, PDCE (University of Strathclyde)

Deputy Principal
MISS KATIE GILES, BA (Keele University), MA (Institute of Education), PGCE (Institute of Education)

Deputy Principal
MR GIDEON ZUCKER, BA (University of Leeds), PGCE (University of Leeds)

Assistant Principal
MRS PHILIPPA POLL, BA QTS and Science (Roehampton) (maternity leave)



MRS JESSICA BAGENAL BA (Sussex University), PGCE (Institute of Education) (maternity leave)
MRS ELMA BALKWILL BA (Goldsmith College London), PGCE (Institute of Education) Learning Support Teacher, part-time
MRS KATE BLOCK BEd (Leeds Metropolitan University) Auxiliary teacher, part-time
MISS ANNA COLTMAN BSc (University of Leicester), PGCE (York St John University) Auxiliary teacher, p/t
MISS KATE CONNEELY BA (Nottingham Trent University), PGCE (Middlesex University) Reception teacher
MRS AWEN DUGGIN BA (University of Wales), PGCE (University of Wales Institute, Cardiff) Music Teacher, p/t
MISS JOANNE EDWARDS BA (University of Birmingham), PGCE (Middlesex University) Year 2 teacher
MISS SARAH FLEMING BA QTS (Canterbury Christ Church University) Reception teacher
MRS LYNSEY HOOD BA (University of Manchester), PGCE (University of Hertfordshire) Year 1 teacher
MISS TAMSIN LAUNN BEd (Roehampton University) Year 1 teacher
MS GABRIELLE LETIMIER BSc (London School of Economics), PGCE (Institute of Education) Nursery Teacher
MISS JULIE METCALFE BA (Trinity College Dublin), PGCE (University of Exeter) Year 2 teacher
MS FIONA O’FLAHERTY BA QTS (University of Durham) Auxiliary teacher, part-time
MS COLETTE O’LEARY BEd (St Patrick’s College of Education) Auxiliary teacher, part-time
MR CLIVE SMITH BEd (University of Greenwich), Associate Diploma in Performing (Speech & Drama) (Trinity College London) Drama Teacher, part-time



MRS HELEN BOGGI (Administration Assistant, part-time)
MISS LAURA CUSSEN BA (University of London), CACHE Level 3 Diploma (Early Years Educator) Early Years Practitioner
MISS SKEVOULLA DEMETRIOU NVQ Level 3 in Early Years Childcare and Education. Early Years Practitioner
MRS TONNETTE GAVAGHAN Teaching Assistant and Librarian, part-time
MRS RAISSA HARVEY NVQ Level 3 in Early Years Children’s Care, Learning & Development, ARCM Early Years Practitioner / Teaching Assistant, part-time
MRS SARA HEALD BA (Manchester Metropolitan University) Teaching Assistant, part-time
MRS KAREN JAROCKI NVQ Level 3 in Early Years Childcare and Education, Montessori Assistant's Certificate, Early Years Practitioner
MRS SARAH LEMBERG BSc (University of Leeds), PGCE (Institute of Education) Early Years Practitioner, part-time
MRS JANICE LOUGH PA to the Principal and School Secretary
MRS NICOLA RUDMAN BA (Bournemouth University), BSc (The Open University) Teaching Assistant, part-time
MRS SARAH SCHUMAN BA (Thames Valley University), NNEB, Early Years Practitioner, part-time
MRS LORRAINE WELLS BA (University of Strathclyde) Teaching Assistant, part-time


Numerous well-qualified academic support staff are also employed in all three sections of the School for, example Librarians, Technicians, Class assistants and Early Years practitioners.

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