Highgate is working to embed green values and sustainable practices into all aspects of school life.

As one of the core objectives in our School Development Plan, Highgate’s sustainability work is overseen by an Executive Committee (with Governor input), and a Consultative Committee that brings together the relevant academic and support staff from all three schools. Highgate’s pupil body plays a vital and inspiring role, with active committees in all three schools.

Our work is split into two core areas of focus: ‘education’ and ‘action. As a school, we have a central role to play in educating our pupils, staff (and families) about the importance of environmental sustainability and to embrace the proposed solutions. We also strive for best practice in our school operations, as set out in our Environmental Sustainability Strategy Plan.

Highgate was recognised in The Week Independent Schools Guide for Inspiring Green Initiatives

Autumn 2022

Recent sustainability success stories

  • We recently completed an environmental curriculum review in each of the schools, to audit existing content and enable us to develop an environmental sustainability curriculum for all pupils.
  • In DTE, pupils develop and make prototypes/products that solve real world problems. For example: air monitors, bee bricks, Tote bags, converting dining hall yogurt pots into combs, growing bamboo to make bikes, smart recycling bins and more.

  • The Pupil Environment Committee runs regular campaigns including Clean Air Week, No-Mow May, Fast Fashion-Free February and Sustainable Christmas tips.
  • Environmental Sustainability has been fully integrated into the careers programme. Pupils hear from sector specialists who have championed the importance of green technologies.
  • We have extended our growing and propagation capabilities in the greenhouses. We forecast that in 2023, we will produce approximately 12,000 seedlings and cuttings for our site and partner schools.

  • We are currently partnered with Adler and Allan who will provide a strategic plan to decarbonisation as part of our Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) submission.
  • Highgate hosts the annual London Schools Eco Network (LSEN) sustainability conference for environmental educators across London state and independent schools to collaborate and share ideas.

  • We’ve successfully increased the quality and quantity of non-red meat dishes and vegetarian options in the school canteen.
  • We worked with Haringey to introduce the ‘School Street’ on Bishopswood Road (serving the Junior School and Pre-Prep). We run regular ‘Clean Air’ campaigns to promote sustainable travel, as well as a parent led ‘Walking Bus’ and ‘Walk to School Wednesday’ initiative for younger pupils.
  • We appointed a new food waste contractor to biodegrade our food waste after processing. We reduced collections by 50% on food waste.

Latest sustainability news

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