Highgate is committed to raising awareness of environmental sustainability and encouraging our pupils, their families and our staff to be as green as we can be.

Highgate is working to become a sustainable school by providing relevant and impactful information and teaching regarding the environment and sustainable living, and by exemplifying best practice in all our activities.

Sustainability is one of the core objectives in our School Development Plan.  Following a period of review and consultation with pupils, parents, staff, consultants and Governors we drew up our Environmental Sustainability Initial Strategy Plan.  Our Governors’ Estates Committee has been designated as the monitoring body for progress of the action plan’s objectives and we have appointed our own Sustainability Lead from the Governing body.


Highgate is among the top 10% of London schools when it comes to inspiring pupils to transform their travel and reduce the number of car journeys made.

-Adam Pettitt, Head

Recent sustainability success stories

  • Climate Awareness – On World Earth Day 2021, we ran a whole school programme to raise awareness of the significance of the event and this year’s theme ‘Restore Our Earth’.


  • Highgate School bus service – our School bus service cut approximately 65,000 car journeys to and from Highgate since it was initiated in 2016. Due to continued demand, for September 2021 we will increase our capacity by 35%. Our new coach provider has a modern fleet of low emissions Euro VI compliant vehicles.


  • The Pre-Prep achieved a Silver Eco Award by demonstrating learning activities linked to environmental issues and involving the school community in an Eco-Schools project. They are all taught a sustainability topic ‘Into the Woods’.


  • We have appointed Powerful Allies as a partner to assist the School in the management of energy matters and carbon mitigation. They will provide technical advice and solutions as well as ensuring any statutory reporting requirements are complied with.
  • Junior School pupils have been learning about key sustainability issues using the United Nations ’17 Sustainable Development Goals’. 


  • Promoting biodiversity in our grounds – Our Gardening Team have been working to rewild areas of our School site by increasing wildflower growth, participating in the No-Mow-May campaign, conscientious product choice and producing our own compost and leaf mould.


  • Our DTE department leads numerous projects across the whole School to increase pupils’ awareness of sustainable materials, waste management, the negative impact of fast fashion and renewable energy, among others. Y10 and Y12 pupils took part in an ‘Upcycling project’ to give new use to an electronic device that students have at home and is no longer used.


  • Helping our Heath – we have become a ‘Heath Friendly School’ to help protect and conserve Hampstead Heath and to educate Y9 and Y10 pupils on environmental challenges in our local community.
  • Zero to Landfill – we have engaged a new waste provider, Londonwide Waste Ltd, an accredited ‘Zero to Landfill’ company, to help us improve our sustainability efforts. Our electronic waste is responsibly recycled with ICT Reverse Asset Management Ltd.


  • Catering – in addition to our established Meat Free Monday in the dining hall, there have been information displays to highlight the advantages of eating a more plant based diet, as well as an online presentation about ‘The Future of Food’, from two specialist OCs. The catering department are also working to reduce food waste by donating surplus produce to local foodbanks.