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From September 2021, entry to Highgate Pre-Preparatory School will be at 4+ (Reception), rather than 3+ (Nursery). An additional class of 20 will join the 40 children progressing from our final 3+ Nursery class 2021. From September 2022, around 60 children will be able to join Reception.

Why is Highgate making this change?

• For 25 years, Highgate Pre-Prep has welcomed around 40 children, aged 3, into our Nursery class each year. Our 3+ entry pupils attend morning or afternoon sessions, which can be unhelpful for working families who then need additional childcare to cover the rest of the day. Moving to 4+ entry means Highgate will be able to offer a full-day to all our pupils.
• In moving to 4+ entry, we can welcome an additional class to our Pre-Prep, giving more children a chance to experience a Highgate education. 
• We hope children undertaking 4+ entry will be readier for assessment than those at 3+ sometimes are.
• Very few North London schools offer 3+ entry and, those that do, often offer 4+ as well. Highgate has never had capacity to do this before.
• By removing our two Nursery classes, and gradually welcoming an extra class in each subsequent year group, our Pre-Prep will have grown by 20 pupils by 2023. We have planned for this expansion and will be making appropriate changes to our physical space.

Highgate’s first 4+ entry will be September 2021.

If your child is born after 1 September 2016, you may apply to enter our Pre-Prep in the September after their fourth birthday. 
For children born between 1 September 2016 and 31 August 2017, this will be September 2021 and 20 places will be available. 
For children born between 1 September 2017 and 31 August 2018, this will be September 2022 and around 60 places will be available.

Highgate’s first 4+ applications (for entry in September 2021) will be accepted in the Michaelmas term preceding entry (ie autumn 2020), with assessments taking place in the January preceding entry. Details of our 4+ assessments are still to be confirmed but it is likely that, after shortlisting applicants, if necessary, we will offer first and second round assessments, similar to our current 3+ assessments. Parents will not be interviewed.

Please check this webpage for updated details of timings for our new 4+ entry and to book a tour of our Pre-Prep. Tours are offered on either Monday morning or Wednesday afternoon and fill up fast, so interested parents should book a place in advance!


To book a place on a tour, please contact our School office:

Highgate Pre-Preparatory School 
7 Bishopswood Road
London N6 4PH
Tel: (020) 8340 9196
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

View our 4+ information leaflet here.

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