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static admissions applying for a bursary

Please note that this information is for parents / carers whose child is applying to join Highgate in September 2020, or thereafter.

If you would like to apply for a bursary to support your child at Highgate, please contact the Bursary Office (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). The Bursary Office will give you further important information, in particular the closing date for bursary applications. The sizes of bursary awards are decided in the February preceding your child’s entry to the School for 11+ applicants and the December preceding your child’s entry to the School for 16+ applicants.

You should bear in mind that the School will consider your child’s academic performance in our selection process as well as your financial circumstances when deciding whether to award a bursary, and when setting the level of bursary support. The income we use to fund bursary awards is limited, and we cannot guarantee that every application for support will be successful.

If you would like to apply for a bursary, please state that you intend to do so on the form 'Application for a Place at Highgate School'. This will be acknowledged, and then later you will be sent a financial assessment form and guidance about its completion. You may be contacted to arrange a visit to your home by a representative of Highgate; one of the purposes of the visit will be to give you any support you might need with the completion of the financial assessment form.


We realise that it will be helpful for you to estimate the size of the bursary support that may be awarded to you. We judge each application carefully, taking into account

•    all sources of income
•    all outgoings
•    all assets
•    all liabilities
•    the value and council tax band of the family home
•    the size of the family

The following table indicates the bursary support that might be awarded to a family with two children in full-time education, one of whom is applying to Highgate.

The school fees for 2018-2019 for pupils in Years 7 and above are £20,970 (£6,990 per term).

Total family income
 (gross, ie. before tax) 
 Possible bursary award  Total contribution
 from parents/carers 
Termly contribution
 from parents/carers 
 £30,000 or less £20,970 £0 £0
£40,000 £17,825 £3,145 £1,048
£50,000 £13,421 £7,549 £2,516
£60,000 £8,807 £12,163 £4,054
£70,000 £4,457 £16,513 £5,504
£80,000 £0 £20,970 £6,990

It has been assumed that the family has no significant assets. The School is unlikely to award a bursary if the family gross income is more than four times the school fees.

Please note that the possible bursary awards in this table are given for guidance only. You should not assume that you will definitely be eligible for bursary support, or that the level of support will be the amount indicated here. It is not possible for us to make an award without carrying out the financial assessment that is part of the home visit. All awards are made in the exercise of our discretion.

Our policy on bursaries is here.

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