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Highgate welcomes applications from all with the ability and aptitude to access our academic curriculum, providing those with SLD or special/particular circumstances (for example, physical or mental health conditions) can be offered the support required and be accommodated within the constraints imposed by our historic and listed buildings, and dual-site location.


Early communication with Highgate, about all matters relevant to a prospective pupil's education, is essential. If parents/carers are in doubt, they should contact our Director of Admissions, before making an application. Parents/carers are expected to indicate any SLD or special/particular circumstances which a child may have when the application is made. This allows appropriate consideration to be given to reasonable provision that may be made before any entry test/interview. Parents/carers should be aware that insufficient notice may mean consideration cannot be given to any provision that would ordinarily have been considered.


Parents/carers will be asked to provide a medical report or educational psychologist’s report and/or other pertinent information to assist with such consideration (eg large print material, extra time, use of laptops or other special arrangements).

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