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We were delighted to return on Sunday for a third time to London’s renowned Roundhouse for an exciting evening of drama, dance and music that showcased the best of Highgate’s co-curricular life from the Pre-Prep right up to the 6th form.

While it seems it was not that long ago that we celebrated our 450th birthday, the sheer range and volume of events that have happened since then, each playing their own part in Highgate’s buzzing (whirling!) co-curricular life, is astonishing. Plays, concerts, musicals, dance recitals, sporting events and community projects: the list goes on and on. The richness and variety of this aspect of the school has a profound impact on the pupils’ sense of self – not just because of the precious memories gained but also the relationships built, the challenges overcome and the new skills acquired. Ultimately, of course, it’s the renewed sense of confidence and being part of something greater than yourself, that we see stay with pupils long after the curtain falls. We tried to capture a flavour of this in the Roundhouse show: the programme’s panorama swept from the Pre-Prep right up to the 6th form.

One of the things that Highgate and the Roundhouse share is a belief in the strength to be found in building links beyond its own walls, and finding ways to support and nurture talent. This year Highgate has become ever more focused on its links with the community and its partner schools: most notably in the development of LAE Tottenham. A number of pieces have been commissioned for this year’s show, but perhaps the best exemplar of the above was the devised drama piece created in partnership with Acland Burghley and Fortismere School and even included a surprise appearance on screen from Judge Rinder.


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