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On 15th and 16th June, pupils in Year 5 enjoyed a day (and night) of camping on school grounds. A lot of fun activities challenged the children to work cooperatively and creatively.


‘I loved the Camp Out because I learnt how to use a bow and arrow and I also enjoyed the ‘talent show’ where we all did a performance – some funny and some serious ones.’  Kitty 5R


‘I enjoyed sleeping in the tent and building the tents at the Camp Out as this is new to me and I have never done this before. It was really fun sleeping in the tent because it felt like bugs were crawling on you all the time.’  Priyanka 5W


‘The Year 5 Camp out was so fun! I thought the main highlights were: breakfast, dinner, talent show, gossip time, snores and the scary story. I would definitely recommend Highgate to do it again!’  Andy 5R


‘We learnt how to do archery, how to put a tent, how to light fire and we even toasted marshmallows and delicious brioches. The best part was the bug eating challenge though! Overall, it was really fun and everyone had an absolutely amazing time!’  Agilya 5N


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