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In Wales we took part in a number of new and exciting activities. We stayed in Pembrokeshire in a site named Celtic Camping. It was so much fun sleeping in dorms for a change. We were allowed to be independent and control how we live. There were some messy dorms and some clean dorms. The beds were very comfortable and I really liked the food. Every day you got three wholesome meals which were all delicious. Celtic camping was in a beautiful location. It is right next to the coast with a woodland bordering that. It was a three minute walk from the camp to the beach and the pristine sea. There was lots of wildlife for everybody to see, such as: horses, cows, seals, sea anemones, starfish, pigs and chickens.

Coasteering was one of my favorite parts of the trip as it involved both bouldering and the sea. Coasteering includes a few different sea and rock based activities including bouldering, jumping off rocks into the sea and swimming. To do Coastering you wear a wetsuit, a helmet and a buoyancy aid. We started with swimming to a small cliff that. Then we jumped off into the sea. That was lots of fun as you knew the buoyancy aid would cause you to resurface very quickly. Then we swam to a small channel between some rocks where the current was quite strong which caused you to be knocked from rock to rock and after that we did some climbing on the rocks before swimming back to the beach. To finish the trip we saw a really cute seal. All in all, Coasteering was one of my favorite parts of the trip.

My favourite activity was surfing. It was a new experience for me. Although it was hard to put the wetsuit and very tight in the end it was definitely worth it. At first the instructors taught us the basics: how to turn, how to stop etc. We had a few minutes to try out what they had taught us and then we came back for them to teach us how to stand up while surfing! It was much harder than it looks. In the first lesson I wasn't very successful but when it came to my second lesson I started to get the hang of it. During the second lesson when I could actually stand up for a bit but I must admit that I wasn't always successful. Despite all that, it was still very enjoyable.

Overall everybody had a great trip and it was the best time of our lives.

Gabriel, Max and Aditya (Year 6 pupils)


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