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The Y7&8 Play Alice in Wonderland was a riot of technicolour and madness as 24 skilled performers told the story of a young girl’s journey into wonderland. Set against a striking black, white and red set, built by Mrs Banks, the cast remained on stage throughout the entire performance, offering a sense of Alice’s own growing self-consciousness as she discovers a world beyond the naivety of childhood.

Mabel Krichefski as Alice achieved the daunting task of learning all those lines, as well as cleverly finding the sense of wonder, excitement, fear and frustration that the character feels at being caught in this bizarre world. One of the most challenging aspects of staging the play is how to make Alice get bigger and smaller. With the help of Mrs Banks and her fantastic props, and a cast unfazed by the prospect of exploring the use of physical theatre (including some excellent dances, choreographed by Mrs Rodgers) the magic happened right in front of the audience’s eyes…


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