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The ‘Class of 2017’ received their results either on-line or in the traditional scary envelope in the Sir Martin Gilbert Library from 7 am this morning. Please see here for details of the results by grade and subject, and for a historic comparison.

This is a year of change with half of all subjects subject to reforms meaning that all papers sat were at more challenging A level (or A2) standard with no AS papers; at Highgate, all subjects with the exception of some Further Mathematics papers, were sat at the end of Year 13 (in a ‘linear’ or ‘terminal’ fashion), and no students could re-sit papers during the course, thus allowing more time to explore their subject and to go beyond. And Highgate’s leavers responded with ambition and energy: 37.6% of all grades were at A* (previous high was 32%), and the aggregate A*/A came in at 69.3%, up from 64% in 2016. 31 students (see list below for names) gained three A* or more, and 60% of students had at least one of the very top grades.

Congratulations to all leavers on all their results which confirm their readiness for further study and the independence needed at university! We wish all of them very well indeed, and hope that they will continue to set their own intellectual agenda and to be sure they hold outcomes, however important they are, in balance with commitment to and enjoyment of the ‘unmeasurables’ – participation, friendship, emotional well-being.

Adam Pettitt, Head


Pupils who gained three or more A* grades: Marcus Beadle, Rachael Berger, Marjolaine Briscoe*, Jacob Chevalier Drori, Stanley Dale*, Lucas Danson*, Terence Fawden, Sam Fowler, Joseph Gibber*, Ruby Gold, Andrea Guariglia*, Rosie Hanley, Jan Hellebo, Joseph Hilton*, Samuel Huston, Noga Inspector, Sam Jones*, Ruth Louis, Shunya Matsumoto, George Monaghan, Emily Moore, Joseph O’Neill, Darius Parvizi-Wayne, Aimee Paul, Sasha Posner, Gabriel Robert-Tissot, Zara Shepherd-Brierley, Charlie Solomons-Tuke*, Emmanuelle Twentyman, Robbie Waddell, Lily Willis

* denotes 4 A*s


For the Head’s blog on results day, see here.

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