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Saturday 2 September saw current pupils and Cholmeleians get together for their Annual Sports Festival. We were delighted to see so many former pupils return, to play a series of matches against the school in Netball, Fives and Football; an opportunity to not only meet old friends and teachers but also to prepare for their seasons ahead.

The Cholms’ football team looked impressive and were unbeaten throught the morning, which bodes well for them as they begin their Arthurian league fixtures. New Captain Henrik Sundvik (MG 2009) was clearly pleased, but also keen to attract some of our recent leavers to play for the one of the club’s three teams, either before they go to university, or permanently, if they are staying in London.

Similarly, OC Netball captain Jessie Varma (WG 2009) was on the lookout for more players to join their team that plays in the Camden evening league; recent leaver Aimee Paul (Netball captain; QG 2017) will hopefully be able to work with Jesse to bolster their squad.

The Fives club is thriving under Jonny Ho (MG 2008) and his Cholms’ team play weekly fixtures at Highgate, and often against the School; we look forward to more players helping to ensure the success of this OC club. 

Any OCs wishing to join these really friendly clubs should contact the Development Office at school, or myself at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thanks must go to Aimee and Anton Baleanu (MG 2017) for liaising with so many OCs in their role as sport ambassadors for their year group. Thanks also to John Humphrey and Steph Pride for hosting the fixtures and the excellent BBQ that followed. Both school teams look well placed to do well this year and their performance during the morning certainly indicates this.  

We look forward to next year!  SE


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