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Twenty-four sixth form pupils took part in Highgate’s third biennial biological expedition this summer to the South American country of Ecuador. During the first part of the trip, the pupils completed fieldwork in the Amazon lowland forests of Ecuador around a jungle camp at the Sani Reserve on the Napo River. These forests are recognized as among the most biodiverse terrestrial ecosystems in the Western hemisphere.

The pupils helped a group of university research scientists to collect data to produce an illustrated guide of the distribution, habitat preferences and relative abundance of the bird, fish, reptile, amphibian and mammal communities in the Sani reserve. We encountered some amazing species, including poison-dart frogs, Howler monkeys, toucans and black caiman, the largest predator in the Amazon.

In the second week, we travelled to the Galápagos Islands, six hundred miles off the coast of Ecuador where we stayed in the Pajaro Brujo Reserve on Santa Cruz Island. A few days were spent diving and snorkelling, and the pupils came face to face with huge shoals of fish, sealions, turtles, sharks and marine iguanas. We also took part in a series of ecology practicals, assisted with local conservation projects and explored the various vegetation zones of the islands where we met the enormous Galápagos tortoises.

Dr Crawford and Dr Weston will be delivering a lecture about the expedition as part of the Monday @ The Mills series.
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