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We had a fantastic week of Michaelmas concerts in the Junior School. For the first time (due to the high number of pupils taking part in JS ensembles and choirs) we had not one but two concerts hosted by Junior School pupils: the Instrumental Concert and the Chamber and Vocal Concert. The standard of playing and singing in both was simply staggering. The Symphony Orchestra opened the concert with a vivacious performance of Purcell's "Rondeau", featuring impressive solos from the violin and trumpet sections. The entire array of instruments taught at Highgate was showcased during the first concert: two brass bands, three guitar ensembles, Woodwind Wizards, Junior Strings Orchestra and Jazz Band all gave amazing performances which were much enjoyed by all.

In the second concert the audience were treated to fantastic performances from the various chamber ensembles. The Chamber Choir, directed by Catherine Harrison for the first time, gave an incredibly moving performance of "Your Heart Will Lead you Home", followed by the Chorus who performed a rousing rendition of "Everyday People". The concert series concluded with the traditional animated and performance of "12 Days of Christmas", in which everyone on stage and in the audience took part! The concerts were a huge success and demonstrated the high level of musical talent of the school. Many congratulations to all involved and we hope to see you all at the Open House evening during Lent Term.  RMcM


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