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Highgate School has around 60 active clubs and societies for pupils to take part in and enjoy. The range of activities is diverse, ranging from academic societies such as Chemistry to non-academic ones like Bee Keeping. Alongside these clubs, for Year 9-13, Tuesday Afternoon Activities (TAA) take place.

Pupils have the chance to choose from a range of activities which they take part in for 1 hour after school every Tuesday. These can range from debating to sign language.

This week we visited the the "Creative Writing" TLA to find out what it’s all about and what you can learn.
Here is what some of the pupils had to say about the club:


Q: Why did you decide to join Creative Writing?

A: I joined creative writing club because I have always loved thinking of stories and (sometimes) sharing them. And although I enjoy our English lessons we don't do a lot of creative writing so I thought this would allow me to write in school. I also attend the Tuesday creative writing club.

A: Because I like imagening different people in many different scenarios, and when I want something to happen I can write it down in story form.

A: I decided to join creative writing to further improve my skills in writing and to get a chance to let my mind run free.


Q: What do you enjoy about it?

A: I enjoy being challenged and guided in my writing, it helps me to start doing new things and trying new methods. It also forces me to finish my pieces of work which is something I often don't do.

A: I enjoy the fact that you can change anything in the world you are creating. You can make anything you want to happen.

A: We get to be creative and write about what we want and express our thoughts through stories.


Q: What takes place during a normal session?

A: We are given an idea or criteria of what to write about at the start of each lesson. For example: "You are on a desert island attacked by lizards" could be the starting point for a story. Or sometimes we are given three words and told to write whatever comes to mind.


Q: Why should others come to Creative Writing?

A: It is a way to enhance your writing abilities and try new methods as well as meeting people with similar interests.

A: Because it is really fun and you can make anything happen.

A: It's really fun and interesting and you can really let your imagination run free.


We also asked Miss Neckar, who runs the activity to tell us a bit about the activity:

Creative writing TLA is a chance for pupils of years 7 and 8 to escape from the reality and pressures of the school day into their imaginations. Each session focuses on a different aspect of creative writing such as characterisation, narrative technique, voice, dialogue and then the pupils write a short story or scene that experiments with that aspect. I’ll usually give them a setting and scenario but the choices after that are theirs. They then read out their stories to the rest of the class. Occasionally I’ll pair them to work on a piece together. So each session they learn/explore an aspect of story-telling and by the end of the term should have a general understanding of the elements that make up a good story.


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