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"Spotlight on" is a news segment where we take a closer look at what goes on in one of our co-curricular activities, societies or clubs. This week we visited the Environment Committee.

Since September, the Environment Committee has achieved success on a number of projects. In the Michaelmas term, our focus was on reducing plastic waste in the school and therefore, we decided to look at phasing out the plastic water bottles supplied with packed lunches. After a number of assemblies and meetings, we were able to launch the programme, and since January we have reduced the number of plastic water bottles used in school by 90%. As a solution, reusable plastic bottles are on sale around the school, which has helped to make the school operate more sustainably.

Our attentions then turned to Meat Free Mondays, which we were keen to re-establish; it is currently being trialled on a weekly basis with the hope that we can generate enough support to make it a permanent feature of the Highgate menu.

The campaign we are currently focused on is looking at reducing paper waste in the Library, which currently generates 2100 printed paper copies per week, and future aspirations include running a waste-to-sculpture competition, and achieving an Eco-School Green Flag Award.

Overall, the Environment Committee is a popular group attracting a number of keen students from Y7 to Y12 on a weekly basis, each of whom are proactive, enthusiastic, and driven towards making our school more environmentally-sustainable and having a positive impact on our local and global community.

We asked a few of the pupils in the committee some questions and the answers can be found below:


Q: Why did you decide to join the Environment Committee?

A: To improve the way the school treats the environment

A: I wanted to help make a difference as I love the environment

A: Because I believe that the environment is very important and wanted to make a difference and help make the school more environmentally friendly.

A: I was becoming increasingly aware of the amount of paper/bottles/resources that the school was wasting and wanted to take action as I feel very passionate and responsible for the environment. I want to work towards creating a sustainable school.


Q: What do you enjoy about being a member of the committee?

A: Being able to see change happen

A: It is very open and everybody gets a say. We get things done very quickly.

A: That I can personally make an impact and everyone in the committee is very friendly.

A: Being a sixth-former I enjoy seeing the members of the lower school getting very involved in the discussions and showing interest in protecting the environment. I also like that the committee is very productive and really does get things done which is making a huge difference like with the plastic bottle campaign.

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