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Monday 12 March – 4.00pm to 8.00pm The Mills Centre, Highgate School, 5 Bishopswood Rd, Highgate, London N6 4PP

Since 2015 the School has continued to spend time considering how we can make better use of the various buildings we have across our campus and the potential that they have to improve our facilities and teaching capabilities.  As part of this we have also been carefully considering all the community feedback we have received so far on specific projects.

To take this process forward we are now holding a public exhibition event for our Highgate community, neighbours and local residents to give an overview of our estate modernisation and redevelopment strategy as well as the specific proposals that we will be seeking to progress over the next few years.

There are a number of specific projects that the School hopes to progress over the coming period.  These are at different stages of development, and all will be presented at the exhibition event.

  • Amended proposals for the Richards Music Centre (RMC) on Bishopswood Road and the Dyne House site on Southwood Lane that incorporate feedback previously received;
  • Modernisation and refurbishment of the Mallinson Sports Centre on Bishopswood Road;
  • An extension and internal modernisation of the science block within the Science Quad on the Southwood Lane side of the main Senior School site.

We hope that by exhibiting these proposals together, residents will have an overview of the School’s Estate Strategy as a whole.

Information on the event as well as details of the proposals will be published on this website, which will be updated throughout the process: http://www.highgateschoolestate.org.uk/

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