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“At the end of 2017, we started this project. We wanted to find out what advice people would give to themselves, or to others, at different ages. We left a golden post box in the middle of Central Hall alongside postcards emblazoned with ‘I wish I’d have known’. We invited people – pupils and staff – to write anonymously to themselves at a certain age. This could have been five years ago. Ten? Twenty? It would have been something they wished they’d known just last week. They then popped them into ouR golden post box, simply signed: From, me.”

These were the opening words for the 2018 Middle School Drama TAA production and encapsulated the show’s collaborative concept. In the weeks that the golden post box was stationed in Central Hall, we received well over 100 post cards with a wide range of advice, regrets, hopes, dreams and a healthy dose of silliness.

Once collected, the Drama TAA cast and crew members set about creating original theatre based on the postcards’ themes of loss, friendship, goodbyes, family, relationships, school, accidents and the various corners of our human experiences. These were threaded together through a variety of mediums including puppetry, music, physical theatre, shadow play and choreography to create a dynamic, thought-provoking and thoroughly touching performance. At the end of the show the audience was invited to share their own feedback and advice to younger selves and leave them in our golden post box on the way out. Some of the highlights included:

“Tremendous and well-deserved congratulations to all involved in sharing, creating and watching this show!”

“Thought provoking, introspective, inspiring, poignant and wonderful!”

“Amazing, powerful and hilarious! Made me cry in more ways than one.”

“It was beautiful.”


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