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This half term marked Highgate's turn to host the next round of the Royal Institution's Maths Masterclasses. 30 year 5 pupils from seven Primary Schools around the borough, including Highgate Junior, Grafton Primary, St. Michael's N6, St Josephs, St. Michael's N22, Tiverton Primary and Highgate Primary, are taking part in the weekly sessions that aim not only to be educational but also hopefully show off the fun side of Maths. 

Every Thursday afternoon students arrive at Highgate for a quick lunch and run around the playground before settling down for an afternoon's work. We are lucky enough to have Highgate Senior School's Dr Brown and Ms Hutchinson leading the Masterclasses and putting the students through their paces. Summarising the content of each session, Ms Hutchinson explains 'the theme of each week is a skill we think makes a good mathematician: talking through a problem, explaining what you know and why, drawing a diagram to help work towards a solution. We set puzzles designed to help the pupils utilise these skills and give them time and space to discuss their ideas with their peers and the teachers, without necessarily worrying about what “the right answer” is.

Student feedback has proved wholly positive with Masterclass afternoons 'flying by' according to the Highgate Primary contingent.  JB


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