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On Thursday 24th May, Amelia, Jonah and Rafaella (with their tutor Mr McClory accompanying) visited the London Assembly as part of their lobbying project into creating more affordable housing in London and helping to alleviate homelessness. In their prior research, they had found that Homelessness had increased dramatically over the last 8 years, rising by 6% in England and 13% in London, with a particularly worrying increase of 60% in London in from 2016. They therefore wished to speak with a relevant local political representative as part of their project, to ascertain why this was the case, to ask what could and should be done about this, and to submit their own ideas for consideration. At the London Assembly, they interviewed Andrew Boff, a Conservative All-London Assembly Member from Hackney. In a thirty-minute interview with pre-prepared unseen questions, Rafaella, Amelia and Jonah made very perceptive enquiries on the topic, while Mr Boff providing both illuminating responses and candid points. It was a most impressive display all around, demonstrating the rigorous research and perceptiveness with which these pupils undertook the lobbying project as a whole. Amelia, Jonah and Rafaella were then taken on a personal tour of the London Assembly building by Mr Boff, including a live session on policing in London, and a view from the roof-top of the Assembly building which must be a competitor for one of the best panoramic views of the city.

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