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We all arrived at school feeling very excited. We got our sandwiches and a KitKat! Then it was time to get on the school bus. We chatted, drew, played and solved Rubik’s cubes. When we arrived, we walked through the entrance of the zoo like we were the royal family. We were split into three groups and first we went into the aquarium and checked out the fish - some were the length of my thigh to foot! Next, we went to a talk about endangered animals and why they are dying out. At the end of the talk, we got to stroke the scales of a corn snake! We also got to go and see the other animals. We first went to the meerkat place followed by the pygmy hippos, and saw Thug and Nicki bathe in the water. Then we went past the wild dogs, zebras and giraffes! We eventually landed back at the aquarium. It was time for lunch. We were about to go to play hide and seek when, suddenly, we heard a loud plop and turned round to see big droppings on my friend's bag and looked up to see a bird sticking it's feathers up! It was time to visit the butterfly house, the happy families and the reptiles. I saw a zookeeper put a mouse in front of a giant lizard's nose and he jumped up to grab it. Finally, we got on the bus for the long journey to go back to the school. What a fun day!  Ariel 4G


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