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The inaugural Highgate and LAET Medical Conference was held at Tottenham with over 110 pupils attending from a variety of partnership schools. The aim of the conference was to help to prepare Yr 12 pupils for their medical school application in the autumn term of Yr 13.

The day began with informative presentations on admissions tests: UKCAT and BMAT by Tristan Fraser, senior tutor of Medic Portal, who had previously given talks at the Royal Society of Medicine. Dr Frances Baawuah inspired pupils with her talk on her journey from a school in the East End of London to medical school and finally to her current role as a GP trainer and partner. Pupils were advised by Dr Julie Welch on how to strategically target prospective universities by examining a variety of factors, including entrance requirements. Prof Richard Holland, Head of Leicester Medical School, gave an excellent talk on what to expect at medical school.

Pupils were treated to interesting accounts from two current medical students: Akashi Alam from KCL and Ben James from Leicester medical school on life as a medical student. In the afternoon, Dr Alex Pearson from The Institute of Cancer Research provided a fascinating insight into breast cancer research, where scientists use liquid biopsies to diagnose cancer. The final keynote speaker was Prof Gina Radford who gave an insightful talk on public health care and her role as deputy medical health officer. Her talk was enjoyed by everyone and she surprised the audience by telling them she had not studied A level science subjects at her school.

The feedback from the Yr 12 pupils was overwhelmingly positive as the conference equipped them with more knowledge on how to proceed with their application. Huge thanks to all the speakers involved who made the inaugural conference such a success.


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