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For two weeks this term, Year 7 have been working on a Science project. They were given the challenge of thinking up a big question to which they wanted to know the answer. In teams, they did background research into the existing Science and then designed an investigation that they conducted to help test part or all of their big question. On their project board the groups then had to present their results and try to relate this back to their scientific research. 

This project work culminated in the Year 7 Science Fair on Thursday 28th June. The challenge for each group was to stand next to their project board and clearly communicate what they had done in their project and what they had found out. The projects presented were excellent across the board and covered a range of creative topics, from stretching slime to testing short memory, from the science of Polaroid photographs to seeing if you really can trust the ‘5 second rule’ for eating food that has been dropped on the floor!

The buzz and enthusiasm for the duration of the Science Fair was fantastic and everyone who took part should be very proud of the way that they presented and communicated their ideas. The photos [below] show some of the outstanding projects that students produced. 


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