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Highgate’s pupil-led Environment Committee and Environmental Action Group wish to phase out of single-use cups across our School. And Christmas is the perfect time to get your hands on a reusable cup!

Our Environment Committee’s Co-Chair Vivika, from Year 12, explains: ‘Why not ask for a reusable cup or thermos as a Christmas present? It would be a great gift that lets you enjoy your hot drink whilst helping the planet!’

Year 13 pupil Bea, our Environment Committee’s other Co-Chair, adds: ‘We believe phasing out single-use cups is a simple but important step. Single-use cups are not recyclable (due to the plastic film inside), meaning their production and disposal has a negative impact on wildlife, humans, and our planet at large.’

Ms Sarah Mynott, from our Department of Geography, is in full support of this initiative. ‘Staff across Highgate have already committed to not using single-use cups at all, which has made a huge difference, cutting our usage of plastic cups by 1,000 per week! Now we would like to extend this campaign to our pupils and the wider community.’

It is estimated 100 billion single-use cups are sent to landfills or end up in our oceans each year. While there are many brands, with many colours and designs, to choose from, Highgate’s Environment Committee and Environmental Action Group recommend “ecoffee” cups, whose stylish range are lightweight, dishwashable and made from plant fibres. What better gift could you find in your Christmas stocking?

However, if you do find an unwanted gift in your Christmas stocking, alongside that reusable cup, then save it for our Highgate Swap Shop! On 30 January, pupils and staff will be able to exchange unappreciated presents and pre-loved clothes for something they really want!

Ms Sarah Mynott explains: ‘Every five minutes almost 10,000 items of clothing go to landfills, so we’re offering all at Highgate a sustainable way to re-cycle unused clothes and items. More information will follow at the start of Lent term.’          VG

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