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We’d like to share our thanks to the Highgate and the OC community who have collectively raised over £75,000 to help support London Academy of Excellence Tottenham families and their local area.

The Coronavirus pandemic affects all of us, and those with the least are often the hardest hit.

The Northumberland Park ward of Tottenham, where LAET is situated, is amongst the 2% most deprived wards in the country. Over half of  students were eligible for free school meals at secondary school. Even in these early stages of the COVID pandemic, members of the student body there have already experienced bereavements in their immediate family.

The Coronavirus Support Fund will go towards providing immediate financial and practical support to meet the impact of this crisis on pupils and their families.

183 LAET pupils who would most benefit from additional support for their basic necessities, such as food, will be given £15 to £20 a week each, dependent on need, and make a real difference to their lives.

Funds will also be donated to the wider Tottenham community, to help provide financial support to those institutions who are at the front line of the community response such as the Tottenham Food Bank and the Felix Project.

Members of the LAET community from the most deprived backgrounds will be supported on an ongoing basis through this hardship fund. We know that children from disadvantaged backgrounds will be hardest hit by this crisis and will require long term academic and pastoral support to narrow the gap with those from more economically stable families.