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Pupils have a plethora of co-curricular activities, clubs and societies to take part in at Highgate. So, whether you have a penchant for puzzles, love a fast-paced game of squash, have started to pen a poetry anthology, or want to hone your medical skills in preparation for a career in medicine, there’s a group waiting to welcome you!

Masaryk Society, is Highgate’s oldest society for the Senior School led by Dr Reilly. Pupils gather together to discuss and debate current affairs and politics.

Sixth formers Seb and Jake leading Masaryk Society

For those who love camping and the spirit of adventure, we have Outdoor Education Tuesday lunchtime activity, led by Mr Blackshaw, our Director of Outdoor Education. Pupils are taught some of the primal skills needed for surviving in the wild, such as fire and den making.

Pupils toasting marshmallows during Outdoor Education

If learning how to make a light and airy sponge, or a fabulous supper dish made with a delicious combination of exotic herbs tickles your fancy, then Tuesday afternoon Cookery Club will be of interest, led by Ms Roberts.

Cookery Club presenting their spring rolls!

Highgate runs a total of five gardening clubs across the year groups. Many of our pupils are particularly interested in growing and sustaining the greenery around School, from nurturing flower beds to planting trees, to harvesting their own produce, which also offers the exciting prospect of being able to cook and consume the fruits of their labour.

Junior School pupils taking part in one of our five Gardening Clubs

Y6’s Emily explains her love of the natural environment:

“We all work hard digging and weeding, and everyone gets to see beautiful flowerbeds. It is also a chance to co-operate with other people from different classes and an opportunity to make new friends.”

Y4’s Rafael penned an essay on why gardening club is important at Highgate:

“It’s releasing more oxygen around us, and like most people, I prefer looking at plants than at bricks and concrete. Through gardening, we can grow our own fruit and vegetables, and sometimes wheat, which is both good for the environment and tasty.”

Our clubs and societies have regular visiting figureheads, a recent example being Mike Skinner, English rapper, songwriter, musician, and record producer, who came to talk at the Vinyl & Philosophy Society.

Mike Skinner visiting Vinyl & Philosophy Society

For budding photographers, we also run a Thursday afternoon photography club. Mr Eltman, our School graphic designer, leads this group, which not only involves helping pupils understand lighting and perspective to capture that perfect image, but also how to edit work with Photoshop tutorials as well.

A photo taken looking up a stairwell for Photography Club

Chess Club at Highgate takes place on Wednesday lunchtimes at 1pm, and pupils get to compete with other schools to test their strategic decision-making skills and ability to stay calm under pressure!

Here are pupils in last term’s U19 National Chess Champion

12 teams were involved including three Highgate School teams. Two of our teams got through to the knock-out stages!

The Random Acts of Kindness Society, led by Mr Constable, is held every Wednesday lunchtime, and is a collective of pupils who actively plan and deliver gestures of kindness in and around Highgate. Acts of kindness have included baking cakes for special members of staff, visiting the elderly and donating to the homeless. The group has also launched a Star of the Month initiative, to recognise key figures in the School and commend them for their own kindness.

RAOK (Random Acts of Kindness) Society

Click on the below links to see the full timetabled list of all our clubs and activities.

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