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Today we held an Act of Remembrance in the Parade Ground for all staff and pupils.

This was concluded by a small party of people including the Head and Heads of School following the CCF colours round to the Chapel Quad to plant wooden crosses before the memorial.   CCF pupil, Year 13 Clare W said “We are really proud to be here on Remembrance day and the 100 year anniversary of the poppy appeal. It means a lot to show our support.” 


Pupil Heads of School, Year 13 Lorenza and Year 13 Matt paid their respects

“With this year being the 100th year since the start of the Poppy Appeal, Remembrance Day gives the whole school community an especially important opportunity to honour the brave servicemen and women who have fought to protect us.”~ Lorenza

“Remembrance Day is a time for us to come together as a school to pay our respects to those who sacrificed themselves for our freedom. It is an emotional and moving day for everyone.” ~Matt