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Congratulations to Highgate pupils Catherine and Arav (both Y12), who have been awarded a two-year Arkwright Engineering Scholarship.

This prestigious award will support them through their A Levels, providing personal mentoring and hands-on industry experience to assist them on their journey into engineering.

Both Catherine and Arav have demonstrated outstanding commitment to STEM activities and undertook a rigorous selection process for these awards.

Vex Robotics 2019

Arav competed in the Vex Robotics world championships in the USA (2019 – pictured) and in Y11, he manufactured a robotic picture sketcher that can vectorise and reproduce any image. Click link to see it in action.

Highgate cadets

Catherine’s scholarship will be sponsored by the Royal Navy. She was part of the award-winning Highgate CCF (Combined Cadet Force) team at the Welbeck STEM competition 2018, completed a REME (Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers) course on tanks and land rovers, as well as her excellent automated plant monitoring and watering system for her GCSE DTE coursework.

Catherine engineering

She explains what the Scholarship means to her: “Quite simply, it shows to me that I can in fact go into engineering and removes any doubt I had in myself relating to my abilities and/or character. Now that I have outside support, I can try out more adventurous and thought stimulating projects”.

Catherine Arkwright Scholarship

Mr. Andy Thomson, Director of Design Technology and Engineering, said: “I am so proud of all DTE students, but it is always nice when some get extra recognition, like with this scholarship and an extra helping hand in their journey to becoming a 21st creative problem-solving engineer!


Arav Arkwright Scholarship