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Year 5 pupils enjoyed a colourful presentation by Mexicolore supporting their current History curriculum on the Aztecs.

Last week, Mexicolore craft specialists delivered a fun, instructional and authentic online workshop for children on the history of the Mexica and an introduction to Mexican arts and crafts.

Ms Naomi Stungo, KS2 teacher, said:

‘The online version of the workshop was excellent! The pupils absolutely loved it. Ian’s and Graciela’s knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject is hugely infectious and they packed a vast amount of information into the time available. Their use of technology was great – in fact we would all like to know how to split our screens so as to be live and showing PowerPoints too! But what really stands out for me is the physical resources they have. The pupils loved seeing the musical instruments, in particular. The session was wrapped up with an excellent Q&A session. The pupils were really engaged and came up with good questions which were clearly and expertly answered. Thumbs up!’ 

Key stage 2 teacher, Ms Divya Jani said the workshop was well pitched and informative for the pupils.

“I liked the way Ian and Graciela got the children involved – standing up for chanting the numbers in different directions. Visuals were excellent and the way they embedded their screen onto the slides so children could see their faces as well as the information on the slide was great. The knowledge shared was varied and the demonstrations were so fun. The children loved hearing the instruments being played, and the food being prepared. Questions and Answers at the end was so useful – would have loved this to have been slightly longer!’ 

Pupils were taught some words in Mexican

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