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The Design Technology & Engineering department at Highgate, in collaboration with the Design and Technology Association, organised an Approaches to Design Conference on Friday 30 November, mainly for educators but some A-level DTE students were also able to attend. There were a range of speakers from Dyson, Loughborough, Smallpeice Trust and a range of practical workshops including; User Centred Design, Pneumatics, and Electronics.

“The Key engineering principles, design processes and invaluable practical experience that this department gave provided me with a solid foundation, not only for my degree in engineering, but ultimately for my career in research, design, and development at Dyson.” – Hugo Wilson (Dyson Design Manager & Former Highgate student)

The aim was to improve practice and provide excellent and inspiring Design Technology & Engineering teaching – as a department, we recognise the importance of sharing best practice and engaging with the wider educational community.

“It was a very inspiring conference, it was great to collaborate and share ideas with other educators. It is amazing to see Design take so many different forms from User-centred design at one end, to electro-pneumatic circuits on the other. A good time was had by all.” – Visiting DTE Teacher           AFT