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On Tuesday 6th November, three of our pupils – Sammy (9NG), Seb (10SH) and Tabitha (12WG) – accompanied members of staff from Music, Dance and Drama to LAE Stratford, where they worked with pupils to stage a scene from the musical, Oliver! With less than two hours to put the piece together, the pressure was on to help the pupils to bring out a creative side which, for many of them, is rarely tapped into.

After some initial displays of self-consciousness, the pupils gradually began to realise what they were truly capable of and, by the end of the day, were enjoying seeing the benefits of working in a way so very different from the daily diet of academia and hard study they are more used to.

The Head of Co-Curricular at the LAE was keen to report back on how the school was buzzing after Highgate’s visit, and congratulated our pupils on being so ‘polite, respectful and incredibly talented’.

We look forward to more of the same at LAE Tottenham next term.          JEF