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We are delighted to share the results of our Year 11 pupils’ hard work and determination in 2019!

167 pupils (84 girls and 83 boys) sat 1,651 exams, with all subjects except for Computer Science and Mandarin being awarded number grades (8 and 9 equating to an A*, 7 to an A, 6 to a B). 74% of all entries were graded 8 or 9, and 90% either 7, 8 or 9. For a historic perspective, please see the graph below, and click here for full subject details.

51 pupils or 30% of the year group, had a ‘clean sweep’ of ten or more 8/9/A* grades; 48% of all grades were the new top grade of 9.

The numeric grading was introduced to reflect pupils’ achievement in new, reformed, tougher GCSEs in an attempt to ensure that pupils trod water less in Year 11 before embarking on harder and more demanding A levels. Adam Pettitt commented: ‘Whatever one’s misgivings about our national obsession with testing pupils, seeing them rise to the challenge of preparing for and sitting more than thirty exams over six weeks, and turning in such stupendous results, gives us huge confidence in the self-propelling independence and maturity of our students! Well done, Year 11: you have done us and yourselves proud!’

Results by department