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Last Wednesday we had the second Girls in Physics of the term, on Zoom. The seminars aim to inspire females to pursue their love of physics, and meet like-minded and successful physicists who talk about their careers and multi-dimensional interests. Often this means having some fun challenging any preconceived stereotypes and turning them on their heads!

Fifteen girls from Highgate and partner schools, from Year 11 and above, attended and our speakers were fabulous female physicists who are now working in the industry.

Key Speakers

Dr Eleanora Sarli is a data scientist at AUDI, Germany. She completed a PhD in Cosmology at the University of Heidelberg, where she investigated the mass distribution in galaxies and clusters of galaxies via computer simulations.

Dr Ester Aranzana is a design engineer in ASML, The Netherlands, the world’s leading manufacturer of chip-making equipment. She completed her PhD at Radboud University, where she investigated the physical processes occurring in accretion disks around black-holes, neutron stars and white dwarfs.

Highgate Physics Teacher, Dr Serena Repetto said of the event:

“The fabulous doctors inspired us with their passion for physics and their well-rounded personalities. They showed us that the bonus prize you get when you study physics is a huge set of extremely valuable and transferrable soft skills. And also that, in every collaboration – whether it’s industry or research – female physicists bring ideas and diversity to the table. The more diverse a group is, the more creative it is!”