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Highgate is proud to announce that one of our sixth formers, Guy, was a finalist in the prestigious 2019 British Education Awards.

Whilst preparing for his GCSEs last spring, Guy was diagnosed with Leukaemia. He embarked upon an intensive treatment programme, yet continued to come into Highgate, when he could, to collect materials and speak with teachers. He remained unerring in his academic commitment and was supported by Highgate staff, who were horrified by his predicament and determined to help in whatever way they could.

As Guy was undergoing chemotherapy during much of his exams, arrangements were made for an invigilator to visit at home, so he sat his papers there. Astonishingly, Guy managed to sit eight of his ten subjects and, for the remaining two, boards received his predicted grades and a request for honorary certificates. On results day, Guy received eight A*s, plus two honorary certificates, each awarding him 9.

Guy is now taking his A levels at Highgate. He continued his intensive treatment until November, when his medical schedule moved to “maintenance” mode. In fact, during the October half term, whilst still undergoing intensive treatment, he even did a 5km run to raise funds for Cancer Research UK.

Guy said: ‘I am delighted to be a BEA finalist. I am so grateful for the amazing support I’ve had along the way from family, friends, the medical team and my school especially. The entire Highgate staff went out of their way to help me succeed in the way I did. I hope that my story can encourage others in my situation to keep fighting and staying positive – not even cancer should stop you from achieving.’

Adam Pettitt, Highgate’s Head, added: ‘It says a great deal about Guy’s strength of mind, and strength of character, that he refused to be diminished by his diagnosis. His determination, diligence and positive attitude have remained undimmed, as has the admiration with which he is regarded across Highgate. We are all so pleased that Guy is being recognised by the 2019 British Education Awards’

The British Education Awards were established to promote excellence in British education, and to identify and celebrate individuals who have excelled. Guy was a finalist in the GSCE category of the 2019 awards. He attended the awards ceremony with his parents, twin brother, younger brother and Ms Smith, his Head of House, as a representative of Highgate.  VG