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Highgate’s Governing Body has announced further details about the Independent Review relating to the accounts of sexual misconduct, including the scope of the reviewmembers of the review panel and ways in which pupils, parents, staff and former pupils are able to submit testimonies or comments. 

The Rt Hon Dame Anne Rafferty DBE PC is leading the Review, supported by two advisors in safeguarding; Alexandra Colclough and Lando Du Plooy. The Review is seeking to analyse and understand the anonymous testimonies relating to Highgate submitted through (i) the Everyone’s Invited website, (ii) an Open Letter to Governors and (iii) the School’s listening exercise with pupils, former and current, parents and carers, and staff. 

The scope of the review covers:

  1. Reviewing current policies and procedures and, for a period the Reviewer deems reasonable, previous policies and procedures;
  2. Considering whether those policies and procedures were/are apt;
  3. Identifying reports made to the School and how they were dealt with;
  4. Where possible concluding whether the School’s approaches in c above were appropriate;
  5. Reporting its conclusions and any recommendations.

The Independent Review panel have invited Highgate staff, parents, pupils and former pupils to contribute their submissions. Dame Anne Rafferty will produce a report of her findings to the Governing Body and aims to do so before the end of July 2021. 

The review sits within a suite of actions by the School, including engagement with statutory agencies and consultation on our draft Anti-Sexism and Sexual Violence Plan. As set out in that plan, we will look to engage external partners to help us achieve our overarching aim: to deliver meaningful, sustained changes in attitudes and behaviours.