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The Junior School House system is a school within a school, designed to allow pupils to integrate between year groups, work together, think of others and develop good character skills. In the older years, pupils can take on responsibilities to develop their leadership and act as role models for their peers.

We sat down with Year 6 pupils, Vera from Hazel and Jett from Birch, to chat about their experience of being House Ambassadors during the Lent Term, and to reflect on their time at the Junior School before they move to the Senior School in September.

What type of roles have you taken on as House Ambassadors?
Jett: My roles as House Ambassador are ‘random acts of kindness’ where you clear up the desks and maybe some of the lost property to help the cleaners and teachers. It’s cool to see how the lost property looks really messy at first but then when you clear it up it looks really clean. I also do lunch hall duty where I hold trays for the children coming in.
Vera: I have Pre-Prep school duty at lunchtime and I really like going and playing with the younger children. I used to go to the Pre-Prep and it’s really fun seeing how it’s changed and seeing some of the teachers who were there when I was.
Jett: We also helped the children who had got into school after the 7+ interviews, it was quite busy and we had to answer lots of questions.
Vera: It was really fun because we got to show them around the school and tell them how fun it is. I like that there are lots of different clubs and lessons here. Some of the clubs include cooking, running, choirs. I’m in Chamber Choir and Chapel Choir. In Chorus Choir they get to visit the O2 arena (as part of the Young Voices project).
Jett: I like how the music system is so diverse here. There are all different types of instruments. And the curriculum, we learn about loads of different stuff. The facilities are really good as well.

How do you think the House System helps to build a happy community?
Jett: I like how you get to meet up with Year 3’s even when your playtimes don’t cross over, and we get together as a House.
Vera: There’s also so many House events. Recently we had House DTE where we had to design a little machine to help clear up the plastic in the oceans. It was really fun. We did it with the Y3s and Y4&5 worked together.
Jett: There are loads of House events that are really fun, but I think one of my favourites is probably DTE. Because you get to work together as a team to make something that will really make a difference to the world.
Vera: The House sorting event that happens in Year 3 was so fun! It’s based on Harry Potter and is like a sorting ceremony, where there was a special poem and a list of names that are read out where you find out which House you’re in.

How are you feeling about leaving the Junior School and moving to the Senior School this summer? Do you have any special memories?
Vera: I remember in Year 3, 4 and 5 we all had this humongous camp out, it was so fun. We would get tents on the field outside, and you’d bring your own sleeping bag and teddies. You could choose who you wanted to be in a tent with. Also in Year 6, you have a residential trip to Devon, I’m really looking forward to that.
Jett: A highlight for me was also definitely the camp out! I really remember the different House events, it’s fun getting involved in all the events and meeting the children.
Vera: I’m really happy and excited to go to the Senior School.
Jett: It’s a very exciting thing but I’m also a bit nervous. When we drive past the Senior School it looks really big but I’m sure when we get there I’ll get used to it.

What’s been your favourite place in the school?
Jett: My favourite spot in the Junior School is the library. I really enjoy sitting there and reading a book. It’s quiet and a nice place to sit when it’s cold outside.
Vera: I have two favourite places: the art room and the Counsellor’s room. In the Counsellor’s room you can talk to a teacher or member of staff who really help you and tell them what you’re worried about. It’s really nice there. In the art room it’s really fun because you can let your imagination go wild and learn about lots of different artists.