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The Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) has rated the quality of education provided at Highgate School as ‘excellent’ in a recent Regulatory Compliance and Educational Quality Inspection conducted in December 2021.

The Inspection Report found that the School is compliant in all aspects of the School Standards, and rated as ‘excellent’ (the highest standard) in both of the key outcomes for educational quality:

  • The achievement of the pupils, including their academic development and
  • The personal development of the pupils

The inspection had an additional focus on safeguarding, welfare and the teaching of PSHEE and RSE at the behest of the Department of Education, which is also covered in the report.

Key findings:

  • Pupils show exceptional attitudes to study and scholarship, collaborate effectively with one another and staff, and consequently achieve at extremely high levels in public examinations and external competitions.
  • Pupils throughout the school have exceptional levels of knowledge, skills and understanding for their age in all subject areas and can apply them effectively to unfamiliar problems.
  • Pupils develop excellent creative and performance skills in music and drama as they move through the school, and achieve exceptionally high levels of execution in both art and technology.
  • Pupils’ communication skills are exceptional: younger pupils write using well advanced vocabulary and structure for their age; and senior school pupils speak with passion, listen critically, and argue persuasively.
  • Pupils show exceptional respect for, and appreciate diversity within the school and wider community, and their own and other cultures, demonstrating sensitivity and tolerance to those from different backgrounds and traditions.
  • Pupils develop a high level of social skills from an early age, are unfailingly supportive of fellow pupils, and enthusiastically collaborate on projects in school and the local community.
  • Pupils have an acute moral awareness built on clear guidelines in the junior school and an encouragement of debate and challenge as they move into the older year groups.
  • Many pupils have an understated but well-embedded awareness of the positive experience caused by the unexpected and intangible.

Schools meeting regulatory compliance and securing ‘excellent’ in educational outcomes are still encouraged to make improvements by means of one recommendation or more. Inspectors made the following recommendation: ‘In the context of the excellent outcomes the school might wish to extend opportunities for pupils to review and contribute to the RSE and PHSE curriculum.’ This is already something which we welcome and to which we are committed.

It’s lovely to read what inspectors made of our pupils at every age: their lively minds and voices clearly made an impact, and I’m hugely proud of them!” Adam Pettitt, Head

The full report is available to read on our Policies and Reports page here.