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At the end of Lent term, 55 pupils from both Highgate and London Academy of Excellence, Tottenham (LAET) joined together to present a Pop, Rock and Rap Showcase at The Roundhouse Studio Theatre.

The concert on 24 March was the first time that students from both schools have performed together and was presented by former student Briana who was at both Highgate and LAET last year and is now studying music at Oxford University.

Marcus Davey, Roundhouse CEO, enthused: “It was great to see the wonderful young musicians from Highgate School and LAE Tottenham perform in the Roundhouse Studio Theatre. The packed crowd cheered all the groups as they performed a diverse range of contemporary music from Hip Hop and Grime to rock and roll.

“The Roundhouse is not only North London’s largest performing arts space, it is also Europe’s leading creative centre for young people aged 11-25. It is important to us that all young people have the chance to fulfil their potential through developing their creativity. Young performers need the opportunity to perform in front of audiences, to learn what works and what doesn’t, to build confidence and develop stage presence.”

Ms Rivlin, Music Teacher at Highgate who coordinated the event, continued: “It was heart-warming to see and hear the students express themselves with such skill and courage and to be reminded of how closely they encourage and support each other. To rehearse and perform with the students from LAET was really inspiring, and it is exciting that further joint projects have already grown out of this collaboration.”

Staff from LAET, added: “The collaboration between LAET and Highgate students was one filled with pure talent and joy. To see the students perform at a renowned place like the Roundhouse was beyond inspiring. It was great to see the joint hard work amongst students and how much they could connect through music and create such an incredible concert.”

Highgate pupil Hatty, Y13, reflected on her experiences, saying: “I think the roundhouse concert has been my favourite in Highgate!! It was such an incredible opportunity for all year groups to display their talent in a professional setting. I especially loved singing with the students from LAET and plan to collaborate with those who I have been keeping in contact with.”

Christopher, a Y13 pupil at LAET, agreed: “The Roundhouse concert was definitely an event that I won’t forget. Seeing the talent from my school, LAET, coming together with all the great musicians and artists from Highgate was really amazing to watch and be a part of.”

Photo credits: Josh Y10 and Josie Y9.