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Highgate Pre-Prep is celebrating a very special anniversary this year. The school was opened in 1993 so we are now twenty-five years old. To mark this event all the children in the Pre-Pre took part in a special summer show. Our drama teacher wrote a fantastic script highlighting significant historic events both nationally and at Highgate.

The Year 2 children took on various roles including the first Pre-Prep pupils, now aged thirty something, existing and former teachers, architects and Mr Pettitt, Mrs Hecht and Mr Kennedy, under whose headship the Pre-Prep was founded. Even The Queen made an appearance!

Nursery, Reception and Year 1 took us on a journey along a twenty-five-year time line, by performing poems and songs about the Channel Tunnel opening; The Millennium, the hottest day ever recorded in Britain; Highgate becoming co-educational; Ellen MacArthur’s solo world record and London 2012.

Under the direction of our music teacher, the children sang a range of songs with highlights including the whole school singing a reworked and Pre-Prep-centric Mambo No. 5 and the finale, an energetic performance of S Club 7’s Reach.

The audience loved the children’s energetic and enthusiastic performance and left with huge smiles on their faces. They could all see how much has changed in the Pre-Prep over the last quarter of a century but left knowing that the warm, friendly and nurturing environment created by the school remains at its core.