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We are delighted to announce that Highgate has been presented with the Supporting Sustainability accolade at the Education Choices Awards.

As part of the growing global community that is taking positive action to respond to the climate crisis, Highgate is working with staff and pupils to deliver our environmental strategy. As a school, we have a central role to play in educating pupils, parents, staff, and the wider community about the importance of environmental sustainability. We are also striving to improve our operational performance.

Pupils from the Environment Committee worked with our Head of Catering to launch Plant Power Day

Our pupils are charged with determination and creative energy to play their part, and regularly campaign on key issues. The Senior School Environment Committee have made many notable alterations such as Meat-Free Mondays, a ban on plastic water bottles and lobbying TFL to introduce electric buses. Highgate’s homegrown campaign ‘Fast Fashion Free February’ has been adopted by other schools across London and the UK.

There are Eco Councils in both the Junior and Pre-Prep schools, who have covered topics such as littering in the playground, recycling around the school and how to save energy. Pupils are currently working with the catering team to reduce plate waste in the canteen.

Pupils deliver talks to promote key sustainability issues

Sarah Mynott, Lead Teacher for the Environment, enthused: “I could not be more proud of the amazing group of pupils I get to work with on environmental initiatives at Highgate School, and I am so pleased that their/our collective efforts have been recognised in this way.”

“Pupils have been at the forefront of campaigns relating to fast fashion, clean air, plant-based foods, wildlife protection, and many more besides, and it is their commitment and passion that is driving long-term tangible behaviour change at Highgate,” she continued.

Pupils regularly campaign for cleaner air in the local area

Environmental Education has been recently audited across the whole school, to increase curriculum content and organise it in a holistic way. Staff receive INSET training and are encouraged to make positive changes wherever possible, and operational staff from all over the school meet regularly to drive objectives forward.

Sarah Mynott concluded: “I feel extremely lucky to work in a school where both the senior leadership team and the pupil body (and everyone else in between!) are committed to safeguarding a liveable planet for our young people to thrive in. It is a privilege to be able to provide committed young eco activists with the tools and support they need to pursue their own environmental goals.”

On Wednesday 3 July, Highgate will be hosting its third annual environmental CPD event, in partnership with the London Schools Eco Network, for environmental educators to share ideas and best practice. More information and booking details can be found here.