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Last week 56 pupils successfully completed their Duke of Edinburgh Gold practice expedition to Snowdonia, discovering the highest mountain in England and Wales over 2.5 days.

Our eight groups set off from Cerrig Pryfaid, our School’s bunkhouse on the south-west edge of the park, on their pre-planned walking routes. A variety of weather conditions were experienced, including a dusting of fresh snow up high and an estimated wind chill of -5 on Snowdon summit!

Mr Blackshaw, Director of Outdoor Education, said: ‘Despite the conditions, and the challenging nature of the routes, all groups remained in good spirits.

‘Even for seasoned D of E veterans, this trip served as a useful introduction to the difficulties and demands of Gold level, and made all realise how important careful planning is before an expedition. We heard a few laments of, “It didn’t look this steep and high on the map!” to which we could reply, “Yes it did, you need to study the map more closely!”’

Our D of E groups are now planning their qualifying expedition to the Lake District in July, which involves three nights and four days, so will be a significant undertaking for all involved.