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Towards the end of the Summer term, given the opportunities afforded to us by the pupils’ current access to Highgate@Home online learning, we adapted the content of our annual Year 10Employability Day to create a series of four careers sessions.

Hearing from OCs was very interesting – it helped me understand what part Highgate played in their career.’ – Year 10 pupil

There were four forty-minute sessions in total, and each included online help from OCs and employers to provide invaluable insights into the world of work. The Employability Day had been specifically designed to encourage pupils to think about their current interests, experiences and skills, and to consider how  they might be able to showcase these, in the future, when applying for work experience or employment.

‘The sessions gave me an opportunity to start assembling a CV that will be very useful in the future.‘ – Year 10 pupil

Pupils were given  guidance on CV writing, as well as access to their online MyFutureChoice personal interest profiles. This platform is specifically designed  to help young people identify areas of interest and to explore potential future career pathways. Other focus topics included learning about how individuals and organisations work collaboratively to create innovative solutions to tackle current issues facing the world. Pupils completed the morning with an online session  with their tutor group where they discussed their findings and explored next steps in their Employability journey.