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Congratulations go to Year 12 pupil Amelia who delivered a compelling talk as part of the ARTiculation Prize public speaking competition.

Oxford art historian Dr Paula Larsson said she was “floored by this excellent presentation!” and that “Amelia did a great job of contextualising and following up with analysis.” She added that all speakers had shown a depth of understanding of art and an understanding of how art can be used to inform society.

The ARTiculation Prize is an annual event designed to promote the appreciation and discussion of art. The competition seeks to engage students with art and to develop the confidence and ability to express their opinions, thought and conclusions. Each student is invited to deliver a ten minute presentation to an audience about a work of art, artefact or architecture of their choice. Adjudicators are asked to assess each presentation as a whole, looking at content, structure and delivery.

As speaker at the Courtauld Institute’s London heat, Amelia is invited to watch the Grand Final at the National Gallery. She is also now part of the ARTiculation alumni network which will give her access to many future events and opportunities.

The online audience as well as the live audience in Highgate were clearly impressed by Amelia’s talk. Summing it up, Dr Larsson said she admired her “clear and calm manner of speaking” and ended by saying it was an “all-round excellent talk!”

Dr Judith Jammers, Highgate’s Head of History of Art, said: “Amelia was brilliant – and we had the best ever line-up of contestants! It is such a great experience for pupils to be able to speak in front of an audience and a professional adjudicator.”

The History of Art department organise the Highgate speaker selection event for ARTiculation each year and encourage all sixth form pupils to take part!