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Year 4 pupils have enjoyed rehearsing and performing this year’s chosen mini-musical, ‘Beauty and Beast’. Here are some observant comments from the pupils:

‘I was really glad to be in the play because it helped me to show what I can do and make my family happy. On stage, I was really proud of myself because it was in front of all the parents. The best thing was people saying really nice comments to me after the performance.’ Finley

‘I loved playing Maurice in the musical because everyone laughed when I was in the Magic Mirror. I could not believe that after the months of practice we had done we had finally performed the play.’ Rufus

‘It was amazing to be part of this play. It was very educational for our futures in singing, acting and dancing, and my teapot costume brought me away from myself. Knowing that the performance was the last time I would watch and act in the play meant that I made the most of it. I could not have don’t this without the help of all the members of staff.’ Alice

‘Beauty and the Beast was such a fabulous experience and I really enjoyed it. The teachers were so encouraging and helped us all the way through. I played Sel, one of the comedy characters. It was really fun as I got to try things I have never tried before!’ Amelia