Highgate as a charity

A philanthropic school, leading the way for the educational sector.

Highgate is committed to strengthening and building upon our charitable foundations and making a difference to the lives of thousands of children each year.

As an independent school, we want to use our position as a charity effectively: to make a difference to children’s lives at Highgate, through our bursary programme, and beyond, through our work with local state schools.

Highgate is a reflective community: we play an empowering part in our communities, to help our pupils to see caring as a way of life and to connect with others, regardless of similarity or difference.




Three charitable areas:

Bursaries: providing more means-tested fee assistance to support more children in our Junior and Senior Schools

Partnership teaching: supporting children at state schools across North London through our Chrysalis Partnership Teaching work with 50+ local primary and secondary schools, in addition to our ongoing support of our sibling school, LAE Tottenham.

The area of greatest need: or, everything else that a child requires in order to thrive at school: removing barriers to education, like digital access; supporting mental health; inclusion; co-curricular; access to facilities

“What [Highgate has] done for disadvantaged pupils… is unbelievable” Julie Robinson, CEO, Independent Schools Council

I think the school does a great job at being inclusive and reaching out the wider community. I believe that they are committed to providing opportunities to those who might not have the means and encourage their pupils to do the same. Children are encouraged to think about the wider community, be health conscious and care about the environment.

– current parent

Partnership: Chrysalis and LAET

London Academy of Excellence, Tottenham is a sixth form free school which provides an academically rigorous sixth form education to students in the Tottenham area. Highgate is the lead education sponsor and Tottenham Hotspur football club is the business sponsor. 

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Highgate has an extensive partnership programme with nearby schools, which we call Chrysalis. It has grown to become a year-round programme involving partnerships with 48 schools.

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We raise funds to help bright children for whom Highgate is the right school come here, regardless of their parents’ or carers’ ability to pay the school fees.

We currently have ~90 bursary holders in the Senior School, most receiving substantial awards, covering 90%-100% of their fees.

We know that bursaries benefit an entire school: parents want children to grow up in a reflective community and leave Highgate being able to relate well to others, irrespective of their background.

Donations to this area means we can offer a transformative educational experience to more children.

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NEW 7+ Bursaries

In September 2022 we expanded our bursary programme to the Junior School, so that children aged 7 are able to benefit from a Highgate education.

7+ bursaries will cover 50%-100% of the fees, making a Highgate education more accessible to a wider group of academically able children.

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Every child should have opportunity to achieve their full potential. Charles, bursary recipient, class of 2019