Highgate as a charity

A philanthropic school, leading the way for the educational sector. With our nationally-recognised educational partnerships, we aim to be a blueprint for change in education.

Founded in North London in 1565, our original objectives were ambitious but straightforward: ‘the advancement of education by the provision of a school in or near Highgate, the provision of incidental or ancillary education activities, and the undertaking of associated activities for the benefit of the public; in so far as the Governors think fit (and so long as they in their discretion consider that the first object is being properly provided for) the relief of the poor.’

Highgate is now one of the UK’s leading co-educational independent schools. Whilst our School, and London, have seen many changes in the past 450+ years, one aspect has remained constant: Highgate is still committed to strengthening and building upon our charitable foundations and making a difference to the lives of thousands of children each year.


In 2019-20, our staff worked with over
3,500 pupils from partner schools.

Our ambitions for the future are rooted in a set of core beliefs and values, which underpin everything we do:

  • We believe a good education should be accessible to more than those who can afford it, so we raise funds to help bright children for whom Highgate is the right school come here, regardless of their parents’ or carers’ ability to pay the school fees.
  • We know our Chrysalis Partnership Programme is an innovative educational model, enabling pupils in state schools across London to have access to our exceptional teaching and learning in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).
  • We want to develop and enhance our buildings and facilities so our environment is the best it can be for teaching and learning.
We want to do everything possible to counteract the disruption this has had on vulnerable children - Head Adam Pettitt 2020

Covid-19 Support: Highgate is Here

Highgate is Here is a charity project dedicated to ensuring that we have the most positive impact possible on our community during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

Email community@highgateschool.org.uk if you would like to

  • Volunteer your time, or a resource
  • Let us know about projects you are supporting, or about initiatives that need help

All funds will be split between Highgate’s charitable priorities and directed where the need is greatest, including relief for Highgate families in hardship, our sister school the London Academy of Excellence Tottenham, and other activities such as our DTE department’s PPE production or donations to local food banks or to support key workers.

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Highgate is Here Projects

Highgate staff, alumni and parents have been involved in many activities to support keyworkers, NHS staff and members of the community who might be struggling during the Coronavirus.

  • Head Adam Pettitt raised over £68,000 to buy 300+ laptops for partner state school pupils by running a marathon around the School field. Read more here
  • The DT department made 6240 face shields, 550 ear protectors and 2 ventilator masks. Read more here 
  • A Highgate community Coronavirus fund is raising money for LAET families and services in Tottenham. Click here to donate
  • We set up a Summer school last August to help bridge the Covid-19 learning gap for pupils at partner state schools. Read more here

‘What they have done for disadvantaged pupils, getting them into good universities, is unbelievable’


—TES Judge 2020


Since 2012, over 800 donors have collectively given over £6 million towards bursaries, partnership teaching and building projects, transforming pupils’ opportunities at Highgate and beyond.