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Home school has meant that I have been able to go in the paddling pool in my garden all the time! It has a sprinkler that my brother and I jump through which is really, really fun. We get sprayed and it makes us very wet. It’s so cold that we sometimes pretend that it has turned us into ice cubes!

At home I have learnt so many new songs on the piano and have enjoyed listening to my brother playing tabla. One of my best things though has been baking. We get the recipe and the ingredients and then follow what to do by watching a live video lesson online. We have made chocolate cake, cookies and other biscuits too. They were so tasty. Well actually, I didn’t like the chocolate cake but it was still fun to make.

I have done so much more reading at home and my favourite book is The Faraway Tree. My favourite character is Whatshisname because he is really funny and can’t ever remember his name. I work with my Nanny or my Mum to do my schoolwork. We do every single page every day. I like watching the videos of my teachers and I love the Drama lessons. We have done lots of acting out stories and pretending to be different things.

Now that I am back at school I like it in my small class of eight children. I can answer more questions and get to talk a lot more. Forest school is really fun too and last week I made a stick woman that was even bigger than me.

I have really enjoyed being at home but I like school even better.

Julia About the author
Julia – Pre-prep Pupil
Julia is one of our Pre-Prep pupils from Squirrel Class. She enjoys baking, reading and school, as well as spending time with her family.